Tracking Metrics for Your Remarketing Success

Tracking Metrics for Your Remarketing Success

Tracking metrics

We’ve been talking about remarketing a lot lately, so hopefully, you’ve decided it’s a must-do. But how will you know it’s effective? Glad you asked! If you want to rock the internet, there’s got to be some metric tracking involved. Here’s what you should know about tracking metrics for your remarketing success.

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It’s Not *Just* About Sales

Wait, that’s not quite right. All of your marketing campaigns are about sales, but that’s not the only conversion to track. 

We talk sometimes about the marketing funnel. People who stumble upon your site or brand, see a cold ad, or are in the beginning stages of shopping for your product/service are at the top of the funnel. As they become more and more aware of your brand by seeing your ads, hearing about your reputation, reading your content, and interacting with you (in other words, as they become more interested in you), they’ll move down in the funnel.

Marketing funnel

Most of the time, the immediate goal of your retargeting campaign is not to push them all the way through the funnel where they come out a loyal customer, but rather, it’s to nudge them back into the funnel at another level so they keep moving through it. 

For instance, if a first-time visitor lands on your site but leaves without filling out a form or taking a next step, your remarketing campaign could send them to the landing page where they download a buyer’s guide and get moved into the campaign with the other people who’ve downloaded a guide. 

So, with that in mind, here are some metrics you’ll want to track on your remarketing campaigns. 

  • Increase in Site Visits – We can measure success by calculating the increase in traffic before and after starting your retargeting campaign. This tells you that your campaign is building your reputation and bringing in more traffic
  • Site Visit Pixels – Along that same vein, we can also use a pixel to count the number of people who saw a specific ad and then later came to your site
  • Landing Page Visits – Often we like to design a landing page for a specific campaign or promotion so it’s easy to tell that visitors to it are coming as a result of that ad
  • Downloads – If your remarketing campaign offers a free ebook or brochure download, the uptick in downloads is a good guide of success
  • View-through conversion – These tell you that the lead saw your ad on such and such network and later came back to your site

With remarketing, you get to target leads specifically instead of generally.

So, you can show ads more aggressively to people who have downloaded a hot tub brochure. And if you’re trying to build brand recognition, you can create an on-going ad set that targets your leads less frequently. So, accordingly, the metrics you will track will be specialized based on each specific campaign. 

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