Use machine learning to grow your business

Think about all the things you do differently today than just a few years ago:

  • When you listen to music in your car, do you listen to traditional radio, or connect your phone with Bluetooth so you can hear your favorite playlist?
  • When you need to search for something online, do you type in your query, or do you simply ask your computer or phone to find what you’re looking for?
  • When it’s time for bed, do you walk around the house making sure the lights are off and everything is locked up tight, or do you tell your voice-activated smart home it’s time for bed so it can take care of everything itself?

The point being, even if you aren’t using all of these things – they’re all possible. Technology is rapidly changing the way we live – and it’s changing the way we run our businesses, too. It’s helping us be more efficient while meeting our customer’s needs – especially machine learning.

metricsMachine learning is really just a new way of tackling old problems, by teaching computers to learn on their own to solve problems. In marketing, we leverage machine learning to automatically update keywords to match new website content, for example. It frees up your time while helping ensure you don’t miss any important opportunities.

Machine learning is also crucial to efficient online ad buying. Manually adjusting bids can really eat up a lot of time – time that’s better spent on activities that are more important to your business. New tools allow us to set bids for each individual auction, bidding millions of times a day so we can get the ad placements that are within budget and make the most sense for your business. No human could ever achieve that.

It’s all really just a high-tech way of helping you make smart business decisions based on data. But if it sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. You have a friend in the business who gets it, and who’d be more than happy to give you a hand. Contact us today!

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