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Have you ever looked around your store and wondered, “Where did all this inventory come from?!?”

It’s OK. Most business owners do. (It can really sneak up on you, can’t it?)

Maybe you bought too much of something that sold well at first, but then the leftovers were moved to the back when you needed the display space for something else. Maybe the items you bought never really sold well at all. Or, maybe, you just had to make room for the next year’s models.

Either way, extra inventory sure is easy to accumulate. Getting rid of it? Well, that’s another story. But there is a solution – an inventory clearance sale can be a great way to reduce the stock on your shelves and liquidate your inventory before the end of the year.

Stop looking at the calendar – there’s plenty of time! (With our expert help, of course.)

The Get Smart Group can help you put together a one-time inventory clearance sale show that will maximize your promotion budget and drive traffic to your event so you can capture leads, boost sales, and make plenty of room for next year’s inventory.

We work with our customers to build their sales from the ground up, helping them decide on strategy and promotions. Then our team really gets to work, building custom web domains, Google display and search ads, and a targeted Facebook advertising campaign designed to reach exactly the right audience.

Custom, mobile-friendly landing pages? Yep.

Targeted social cover images? Yep.

Personalized phone number, just for your show? Yep.

Why do we do all this? To build interest and drive foot traffic to your event, so you can have a successful sale and Move. That. Inventory.

Intrigued? Contact us today.

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