Web Tips: How to Install WordPress Easily using FTP

Web Tips: How to Install Wordpress Easily using FTP

How to install wordpress easily

This install has been deemed the “5 minute installation”. From my experience, once you’ve gone through the process it’s really that quick. I’ll assume you already have web hosting with cpanel.

Grocery List:

1. cPanel Access

2. Latest version of WordPress (Download Here)

The Process:

Step 1:

Upload WordPress via FTP to a directory of your choice. In this case, I’m creating a sub-directory called “www.mydomainname.com/dev2”

Step 2:

Go to your website’s cPanel, normally found at (www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel).

Find the section labeled “Databases” and click on “MySQL Databases”
Mysql databases capture


Step 3:

Create new database


Step 4:

If you don’t already have a MySQL User created, you’ll need to do that (this is on the same page as Create New Database)

Create new user

The User will be your cPanel name followed by whatever you want. I’m using “dev2”.

Step 5:

Generate a password (it’s more secure). Make sure you save the Database Name, User Name, and the Password from this process.

Generate password


Step 6:

Select the database you just created and add the user to it.

Add user to database

Select “All Privileges” and click Make Changes.


Step 7:

Now that you have created your database, it is time to install. Navigate to your new website’s future address. In this case I’m hosting mine at www.mydomainname.com/dev2

When you arrive at this page, you simply enter the information you just created


Alternatively, you can access your wp-config file in your FTP, and edit these lines.

Wp-config. Php
On the next screen, you will see the form to enter your website’s information: title, username, password, and email.

Click Install WordPress, and you’re good to go!


Happy …Wordpressing or something like that!

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