What are Lead Magnets … and Why Do I Need Some?

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“Lead magnets.” You’ve heard this term before, but you don’t know what it means. Context clues can help you out: they’re something that attracts leads like a magnet. But what exactly are lead magnets? And why do you need lead magnets for your marketing strategy? We’re here to help you figure that out.

What are lead magnets?

Have you ever clicked on an ad that advertised a free book or guide and have to enter your name, email, and possibly other info to get what you want? The page requesting your information is called a landing page, and the free resource you’re trying to get is called a lead magnet. It could be a guide, ebook, checklist, calendar, or any number of other resources — but the collective term is “lead magnet.”

Lead magnets are ways to get contact information, converting the user into a lead. The lead magnet is highly related to the products or services being sold, so anyone interested in that subject has a high probability of also being interested in buying the products or services. By collecting the contact information, the company can reach them for ongoing lead nurturing campaigns, which often result in higher conversion rates over time.

Lead magnets, then, are a free item you offer interested parties in exchange for their email. They then become your lead, and you can nurture that lead to increase your probability of converting them as a customer.

Some examples of great lead magnets are:

  • Ebooks
  • Brochures
  • Checklists
  • Upgraded content (ex: 5 more tips if you sign up)
  • Recipes
  • Tips & Tricks
  • How-To Guides
  • Calendars (such as calendars for pool maintenance or hot tub care)

The sky’s the limit when it comes to lead magnets. The important part is that you give potential leads something they want in exchange for their email address.

But why would I give away content for free?

It may seem counterintuitive to give away something for free when you’re trying to get business, but think of it this way: How many Facebook or Google Ads have you run that didn’t get you the qualified leads you wanted? Or the non-paid social posts that didn’t gain enough traction? You are spending time and money on these, so why not spend some time on a lead magnet?

The truth is – if someone is interested enough in your lead magnet to give you their contact information to get it, they’re likely interested in your other products as well. By offering a lead magnet, you can get more leads who are actually qualified. In the long run, offering a freebie will pay for itself multiple times over. Plus, unlike social content, you can craft lead magnets so you don’t have to update it as often.

How do I create a lead magnet?

Creating a lead magnet is easy. It’s just like creating any other content for your audience. However, there are some keys to creating a great lead magnet. According to our Senior Content Manager, Christy, a great lead magnet:

  • “solves a problem”;
  • is “very specific”;
  • “offers a quick win”;
  • is “quick and easy to get”;
  • has “high value”;
  • is “quick and easy to read”;
  • provides “instant gratification”;
  • and “demonstrates expertise”.

If you create a lead magnet that checks all of these boxes for your audience, you are sure to get some new leads. 


But if you’re still not completely sold on the concept of lead magnets, or still not completely sure of how to create a great one, let us help you! The Get Smart Group specializes in marketing for home improvement, pools, spas, and more. Get in touch today and schedule a free, 30-minute consultation. Let’s attract some leads together!

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