What are the Best Methods for Marketing Hot Tubs?

What are the Best Methods for Marketing Hot Tubs?

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There are so many ways to market hot tubs. You can use Google, Facebook, paid ads, organic traffic, you name it. But what are the best methods for marketing hot tubs? What is really worth the time, energy, and money you’re going to put into it? Let’s break it down.

Marketing Hot Tubs on Social Media

Social media is a great way to market hot tubs, both with paid ads and organic post traffic. According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of Americans use social media, and most of these users are between 18-49. So, the majority of your target audience is probably using some type of social media.

While TikTok may be all the rage these days, this is not where your audience is at. If you’re marketing hot tubs for buyers within the next 5 years, Facebook and Instagram are where you’re going to want to market. TikTok users, as well as users of other up-and-coming platforms like Snapchat, are younger and won’t be even considering getting a hot tub for at least 15 years, probably longer.

So, stay savvy with Facebook and Instagram. Run ads. Engage with your followers. Post often, and make it count. Whether through an ad or through someone sharing your post, social media will help you get new leads.

Don’t Overlook the Potential of Your Website in Marketing Hot Tubs

Times are changing, and technology is taking over. Before millennials even come to your store to look at hot tubs, they’re going to look at you online. And if your website is a mess, they’re going to move onto the next dealer with a cleaner website that’s easier to navigate.

It’s worth the investment of time and money to make your website look great. Your website is your audience’s first impression of you; you want it to be just as clean and polished as you are. You can even add an e-commerce store to your existing website to sell anything from hot tubs to your chemicals, supplies, and hot tub accessories.

Blogs are a Powerful Tool for Hot Tub Marketing

One of the best methods for marketing hot tubs is publishing blogs on your website. Blogs give you an opportunity to share your knowledge with a wider audience. How do you maintain a hot tub? What does pH balance mean? Does the type of jets and seating in my hot tub matter? These are questions you’ll be answering in the store anyway, so share your knowledge online.

By sharing your knowledge online via blogs, you’re letting clients know you know what you’re doing. Plus, with blogs, you have more chances to show up in Google searches. For example, if someone searches “What does pH balance mean?”, they could find your blog and learn about your business at the same time. Since the information you’re sharing is helpful, they’re more likely to remember your business name. See how that works?

Market Like It’s Hot

Right now, we’re only touching on the best methods for marketing hot tubs. So much more goes into marketing, just like so much more goes into running your business than anyone can imagine. Don’t add another thing to your daily to do by tackling your hot tub marketing yourself. Instead, let The Get Smart Group take the wheel. We can help you stay savvy on social media, work on your website, and bring on the blogs. Just schedule a 30-minute consultation and we can get started.

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