What is Actionable Reporting?

Even if you’re a brick and mortar store, you’ve no doubt accepted the importance of your online reputation and online marketing. Chances are, most of your marketing budget is dedicated to online resources. But the next step is vital … you need to know which marketing streams are working! 

AdWords and Facebook. Page clicks from your social media posts and blog articles. Efforts to target your ideal customer … are they successful? Does any strategy need to be tweaked? That’s where we come in with actionable reporting!

What is Actionable Reporting?

We’re glad you asked! Actionable Reporting is a summary report that not only tells you the black and white data about how your marketing strategies are performing, but it provides easy-to-put-into-action insights so you can see the next step. 

It’s not enough to just see how many visitors, likes, shares, and followers you’re getting. You need to see the next steps. In other words, what action do we take now to keep improving ROI?

Now, you could try to manually compile all your marketing data and analyze it (EVERY month!). Or, as one of our clients, you can let us provide you with one streamlined report each month. Here’s the best part: the report we provide is easy to understand, valuable for decision making, and able to save you time and money. And dare we say it — actually fun to read!

Here’s the thing. You’re an expert in your field. You know everything there is to know about your product, and when a customer walks through your doors, they’re surely drawn to your business because of your expert knowledge. But today that’s not enough. Before you can get customers in your door or their eyes on your product, you’ve first got to rise to the top of Google’s ranking. You’ve got to show up in your customer’s vision where they are: on the internet. This means you either need to get just as passionate about marketing as you are about your product/service. OR…

You hire someone as excited about marketing metrics as you are about your product.

Hello, that’s us! (Can you see our hand raised?)

Stop worrying about your online marketing and pass it off to the pros. We make it easy, too. To get a feel for how it works and what’s it’s like to work with us, we offer a FREE, no-obligation 30-minute marketing consultation. Request it here, and we’ll review your business and hook you up with some tips on how to achieve your goals!

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