What To Expect From A Graphic Designer

What To Expect From A Graphic Designer

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By: Michelle L. Cramer

Part of refreshing your brand – or starting from scratch – is a stellar logo. Unless you’re well versed in all things graphic, your logo elements will likely fall short of looking professional and drawing  attention in the way you desire.

It’s better that you hire a graphic designer to put your logo together. But, when you do, make sure that it’s a graphic designer you can rely on to get you the results you want. These tips will help you.

The Cost

When a graphic designer provides you with a quote, the charge shouldn’t be more than $800-$1000. That may seem a little steep for a logo, but this price should also include the following:

  • Business card template
  • Stationary/letterhead design
  • Facebook profile picture and header
  • Twitter profile picture and header
  • Headers for your website
  • Logo in a variety of formats, including JPG, PNG, EPS and PSD

Branding packageAvoid any designer that refuses to provide the raw art file for your logo – this is not a professional. Any files should be high resolution, which means more than 300 DPI, which will allow you to print your logo in larger formats without harming the integrity of the image. And make sure that your service contract includes a full list of everything the designer will provide.


Make sure any graphic designer you consider has samples of previous work. Even if you’re hiring someone relatively new to the profession, anyone you consider should have designs they’ve worked on to perfect their talent so you can see they’re style. If you like what you see, then you’ll likely be happy with what they design for you. However, it’s best to hire someone with a clear portfolio and happy previous clients just to be sure.

Committed to Results

Any diligent graphic designer will work on your logo until you’re happy with it. Before hiring someone, ask about her completion policy. A reliable graphic designer will provide at least three logo samples with first draft to get a better idea of what you’re looking for. Then he will work to perfect the logo to your specific requests, even if it takes a few attempts to get it right. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need revisions, but if there is a color change or different font you want, it’s nice to know you have that option without too much trouble.


Tying into their commitment to results, graphic designers should be excellent communicators. Culture makes a difference, some of the time. If someone doesn’t understand cultural norms, they may not be able to get the point you are trying to make with your logo. Have a phone conversation before you hire an artist to make sure you will avoid difficulty communicating. It’s also great to make sure that you’ll get along – you certainly don’t want to work with someone when your personalities clash.

Just remember, despite what you may think, it’s not a good idea to try and design your logo all on your own. A professional will help you convey the message you desire appropriately so that you can maximize your target market reach.


Faithfully yours,

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