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Target Your Audience Like No Other Platform

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Get Smart, Get Growth

Some ideas from 10 years ago are better left behind, like keyboards on a cell phone, yellow page listings and newspaper ads.

Other ideas from 10 years ago are worth keeping around, like social media advertising.

We are often asked, “Why Facebook? Why not Snapchat, TikTok, or Twitter?” While those platforms can be excellent ways to promote the latest video games, hottest fashion trends for tweens, or a new movie, no platform beats Facebook for reaching audiences that are both able and willing to buy the high-end products our clients sell.

The average Zoomer doesn’t yet own a home, let alone have the space or income for swimming pools, hot tubs, solar panels, high-end grills, and other items our clients need to market. The Facebook crowd does.

Cost Effective Strategy

One reason social media is so cost effective is because you can reach prospective clients very early in their buying journey. The information they see via Facebook ads and social media posts will help them make buying decisions. Throughout the entire buying process, customers are active on social media. You can find them if you’re active on social media too.

Facebook Ads Specifically Target Your Audience

Finding customers on Facebook is easy because the social media network allows you to target people with an extremely high level of specificity. For example, we’ve identified a number of consistencies among hot tub buyers. They tend to be 45 and up, they typically like to travel, and they’re often interested in health and wellness. With even this limited amount of knowledge, we can target highly-qualified leads with uncanny precision. We’ve accumulated scores of these little facts, and Facebook allows us to reach exactly who is most likely to want and be able to afford the hot tubs you’re marketing.

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Success on Facebook

When people engage with your Facebook page, Facebook shows them more of your ads. In turn, they show your ads to other people who match them in demographic terms. We support your Facebook ad strategy with quality Facebook posts, to boost engagement and maximize your ad spend.

If you want to get more quality leads monthly, have a measurable return on your investment and get REAL Data and insights into your marketing & buyer behavior, talk to us about assisting you with your Facebook & Google Ads. We will be able to save you money and help you grow your leads and sell more products.

Our team is at the ready! Call us, so we can get them working on your business with Facebook!

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