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Why is online reputation management so crucial?

One of the many elements of our services packages is Online Reputation Management. We live in an age in which your online reputation literally makes or breaks your business. For example, don’t you check the product’s star rating before clicking Buy Now on Amazon? Haven’t you peeked at Google Reviews before choosing a hotel for vacation or hiring a roofer?

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Customers buy or don’t buy based on your online reviews — Without even contacting you.

Online consumers have instant access to dozens of online reviews platforms. From the Better Business Bureau to Yelp, your business needs to shine online. This requires a comprehensive program of monitoring incoming reviews, encouraging positive reviews from your customers, and addressing any problematic reviews promptly, thoroughly and thoughtfully for a positive outcome. The proper handling of negative reviews can save a potentially lost customer, and also protects your business from losing potential new customers due to a single, unfortunate bad review.

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Managing Online Reviews in one place, using one convenient system

We use an incredible tool called Birdeye that gives you a central dashboard to view, analyze, and respond to reviews across multiple platforms. Whether people are reviewing you on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Trustpilot or any of several hundred platforms, you’ll know about it. And, Birdeye will automatically send review requests to your customers or you can manually trigger a review request. Between the tool itself and our implementation, your business will be at the forefront of current review strategy.

Great online reputation management also allows you to identify training issues with your staff, improve your product lines and services, and gives you greater visibility across the internet at large.

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