When to Send Email Broadcasts & What to Write

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If you’ve been in the digital marketing realm for long, you’ve heard of the importance of sending email campaigns to your subscribers. Many times, these will be nurture email campaigns to keep leads and customers engaged. However, every once in a while you’ll want to send one-time email broadcasts to your subscribers. Here’s what you should send and when.

Make It Personal

It’s easy to make nurture email campaigns personal because you already know a little bit about them – whether they’re hot tub leads, swimming pool leads, etc., or customers who have already purchased your product. Email broadcasts tend to be more generic, but you can still make them personal! Some easy ways to do this include:

  • Using custom attributes to include each person’s name in the email
  • Using an email address they can reply to
  • Segmenting your list using the information you already know about them

These simple steps help you form a relationship with the customer because it’s clear you know a little about them, and care enough to make an automated e-blast personal.

Share Some News

If you’re wondering what to write about in an email broadcast, try using a newsletter format. Newsletter formats are great because the subscriber feels they are receiving some exclusive information to stay in the know with your company. These can include tips and tricks for taking care of their hot tub, some of your latest blog posts, behind the scenes of your company, and even exclusive coupons for those who receive the newsletter. I mean, who doesn’t love coupons?! And let’s be real, exclusive coupons make them 100x better, no matter what the coupon is for.

Keep It Short and Sweet

It’s really easy for email broadcasts to get out of control. You just have so much you want to say! However, your subscribers don’t want to read it all. Think of some of the emails you’ve received. Which ones do you read, and which ones do you quickly click unsubscribe and/or delete? You probably read the shorter ones, right? 

Try to keep your e-blast to 250 words or less, but don’t be afraid to link them to your website! Have a blog you want to share? Link it. Extra special news that needs more space? Link it. It’s a lot more manageable for readers than seeing everything at once.

Send Away!

Alright so now that you have your e-blast all ready to go, it’s time to send it out. But what time should you send it? If you do a quick Google search, Tuesday and Thursday are the most recommended days, but truly, any time during the week is good. Avoid the weekend unless you absolutely have to. You’ll also want to send at a time they’re more likely to open it, so think about it: when are you most likely to? Maybe when you’re stuck in traffic, or have a few minutes to kill before your lunch break is over. So shoot for before work, midday, or after work for the best results.

If all of this seems complicated, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with The Get Smart Group. We can discuss your email broadcast goals and how we can help you meet them.

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