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Customized for your business

We are a different kind of digital marketing company.

We take a tailored approach, factoring in who you are, your unique brand voice, your unique marketplace, the structure of your business, and which platforms are best for reaching your audiences. And, we back those plans up with metrics that actually give you insight for true business intelligence and lower advertising costs.

We offer packages to meet the needs of any business model and budget, representing national and international manufacturers with the same white-glove service we provide our single-location small businesses.

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The At-Home Recreation Industry

The Get Smart Group specializes in marketing for pool builders, spa and hot tub dealers, and related service industries, including pool and spa service and maintenance route professionals. We also serve a number of national and international manufacturers within the pool and spa niche.

This knowledge and experience translates easily into a number of other industries, including home improvement marketing, backyard recreation marketing (landscaping, high-end grills, patio furniture, and more), and marketing for niche industries like home improvement financing, HVAC contractors, solar company marketing, and more.

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Customized for your business

Growing a business is hard work and we take that very seriously.

When we work with clients, we like to get to know all aspects of the business. We are going to be taking on a role of crafting your image, developing your business strategies and interacting with your employees. To be good at that, we need to truly understand how your business works. This includes learning about your sales cycle, who your customers are, and ultimately how you make money.

For most projects, we require a minimum budget of $5,000 over a minimum of 90 days, depending on the scope of our engagement. We don’t believe that a successful strategy can be put together in anything less than 90 days, nor will you achieve satisfactory results in that time frame. For this reason, we prefer to work with clients who have budgeted for what we are going to undertake.

Hard work, and hard truths.

There is nothing more frustrating for us to see a client get halfway into a project and suddenly back out due to financial concerns. Taking that path reduces the quality of what we can provide for you and you’ll never reach your goals. So you know, we also help develop business plans which can make you more comfortable spending money on growing your business.

The numbers above are not hard rules and there are, of course, exceptions. But in the end, if you’re not ready to move forward to grow your business, we can’t help you grow it to its full potential.

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