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Who We Work With

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Growing a business is hard work and we take that very seriously.  

We hope you do too.

When we work with clients, we like to get to know all aspects of your business. We are going to be taking on a role of crafting your image, developing your business strategies and potentially interacting with clients.  To be good at that, we need to truly understand how your business works.  This includes learning about your sales cycle, who your customers are and ultimately how you make money.

For most projects, we require a minimum budget of $5,000 over a minimum of 90 days, depending on the scope of our engagement.  We don’t believe that a successful strategy can be put together in anything less than 90 days nor will you achieve satisfactory results.  For this reason, we prefer to work with clients who have budgeted for what we are going to undertake.

There is nothing more frustrating for us to see a client get halfway into a project and suddenly back out due to financial concerns.  Taking that path reduces the quality of what we can provide for you and you’ll never reach your  goals.  So you know, we also help develop business plans which can make you more comfortable spending money on growing your business.

The numbers above are not hard rules and there are, of course, exceptions. But in the end, if you’re not ready to move forward to grow your business, we can’t help you grow it to it’s full potential.

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We understand how tough it can be to wrap your head around digital marketing.  With all of the different services available, the variety of software… it is a lot to digest! Here at The Get Smart Group we are happy to provide free consultations to answer any marketing questions about your business.  Simply fill out the form below and we will be happy to get something scheduled.