Why HR Director is a Perfect Fit for Me

Why HR Director is a Perfect Fit for Me
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Three years ago, I began working with The Get Smart Group in the role of Executive Assistant. Although I had been a business owner for years, I was ready to give up the responsibility that came with the territory. Sleepless nights, client concerns, and that ultimate “buck stops here” feeling that isn’t shared with anyone else. I wanted to spend time in a B position rather than being the A. That’s where I could creatively develop ideas and solutions without the added stress of ownership. And I didn’t plan on becoming an HR Director! However, when opportunity knocks, I answer. Though I knew little of the digital marketing universe, business I know.

What I Bring to The Get Smart Group

I came onto the Get Smart team at a time when the infrastructure needed some attention and, with my business background, I was able to help facilitate the transition from seven employees to almost 40. As we hired for the future rather than for the here and now, the profile of the team became more sophisticated with real-world experiences to contribute to the company’s growth. It was at this point that I had my own a-ha! moment and sensed that my own growth needed some attention.

What I Love About My Job as HR Director

I’ve always been a people person. And having been a business owner, I knew about labor laws, employee development, and the overall requirements imposed upon employers. Blend those elements together and what do you have? An HR Director, of course! This was where I could truly make a mark in our digital marketing firm.

As our COO puts it, I have the least glamorous role on the team. But my level of personal satisfaction is higher than I could have ever imagined it would be. The backbone of any operation is the least visible component, yet those of us who are there know it’s the most critical to providing invisible support to an amazing team.

Now that I’ve found my niche in digital marketing, I can truly make an impact — even if it is “behind the scenes” as an HR Director.

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