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Facebook & Google Advertising

Some ideas from 10 years ago are better left behind, like keyboards on a cell phone, yellow page listings & newspaper ads. Other ideas from 10 years ago are worth keeping around, like online advertising.


Consider this: ten years ago in the mid-2000s, it was a big question mark to advertise on Google. Advertisers wondered if it was cost effective, if there were buyers there, and if people used Google to make buying decisions. Now, there’s no longer a question: advertising on Google is highly effective.

Reach Your Clients Early

One reason social media is so cost effective is because you can reach prospective clients very early in their buying journey. When customers are simply gathering information, they’re on on Facebook. When customers are looking for local businesses, they’re on Facebook. When customers are looking for reviews and testimonials, they’re on Facebook. When those same customers are interested in finalizing their selection, they’re on Facebook. The information they see via Facebook ads and social media posts will help them make their decision. Throughout the entire buying process, customers are active on social media. You can find them if you’re active on social media too.

All About Buyer’s Intent

Since then, Google has become a multi-hundred-billion dollar company because they put themselves in the middle of buyer’s intent. Here’s how they’ve made it work. If you go to Google and you look up the definition of a word, ads don’t show up because you’re not trying to buy something. However, if you search something like “best ceiling fan,” ads will show up because you’re likely trying to buy something. Google provides a way for the seller to entice buyers to click on their website and hopefully sell the product the customer was originally searching for. It’s an effective strategy because of buyer’s intent – the customer wanted to buy something!

What About Facebook Advertising?

The way Facebook operates is fundamentally different than Google. People aren’t typically looking to buy when they’re on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that people there don’t have money and aren’t potential buyers. The key to successful advertising on Facebook is crafting the image and the headline so it looks like a regular social media post. Combine that with a call to action and follow through with a landing page that’s consistent with the advertising offer, and you have a winning combination. An effective Facebook advertising strategy means you’ll generate leads of people who are interested in purchasing your product.

Facebook Ads are Competitive and Cost Effective

Social media is an extremely cost effective way to build your lead list because there aren’t many people advertising on it yet. Eventually, everyone and their dog will have an ad on Facebook. However, that hasn’t happened yet. When you compare the cost of Facebook ads vs Google Ads, leads acquired through Facebook are 1/3 to 1/5 the price of Google. You can relax knowing that the money you spend on Facebook advertising is effective (and affordable).

Facebook Ads Specifically Target Your Audience

Finding customers on Facebook is easy because the social media network allows you to target people with a ridiculously high level of specificity. For example, let’s look at how The Get Smart Group might target potential customers. We want to reach people who are making the decision to spend money on marketing and advertising, so we target the person who is writing the checks for that business. Our team can put together Facebook advertising that targets people according to their job title. We identify CEO, COO, president, vice president, owner and founder as job titles. If those words show up in the potential customer’s job title, then we’ve built a very targeted list. That kind of targeting is not possible anywhere else.


The single most important metric in the world of Facebook is called “Engagement.” While Facebook tends to be a bit vague with exactly how they calculate engagement, a rough calculation includes the number of Likes, Comments and Shares that your posts and ads receive.

Our team has gained a ton of knowledge in this area and we really know what is going to make your audience react positively (and hence, engage) with your posts. We’ll edit and crop a photo just right so people HAVE to click on it to see more – this will redirect them to your landing page (see above) and convert into a lead! I’ve added a few examples of what you’re looking for with engagement below:

Engagement-3 Engagement-2 Engagement-01

The great thing about Facebook is that it is super easy to share a post with friends. All someone needs to do is start typing their friend’s name and it will auto-fill the rest and notify the friend. Much easier than forwarding an email or remembering to tell someone about it later…

Success on Facebook

As a business owner, you have to believe and understand that there are buyers on Facebook. If you reject that notion, you’re doing your business a huge disservice. Currently, Facebook is in the same place Google was 10 years ago. Advertisers have the same types of questions: is it cost effective, are there buyers there, and do people make buying decisions on Facebook? The answer is YES, YES and YES.

If you want to get more quality leads monthly, have a measurable return on your investment and get REAL Data and insights into your marketing & buyer behavior, talk to us about assisting you with your Facebook & Google Ads. We will be able to save you money and help you grow your leads and sell more product. 


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