You Have a Lead – Now What?

GSG new customerLeads: we work so hard to get them. The bread and butter of any business is generating more leads and transitioning them to paying customers. But, once you have the lead in the palm of your sweaty hand, how do you get the sale? How do you nurture him/her into someone that believes in what you’re selling enough to actually buy?

Build Trust

We actually can’t emphasize this enough: you’re never going to monetize a lead if he never trusts you or your business. So, where does that trust come from if you don’t have a working relationship yet? It comes from an authentic desire to share value with leads. Give them tidbits — things to chew on that show them you’re an expert at what you do and can educate them well.

For example, if you’re in the swimming pool business, create an active presence online sharing bits of information about caring for a swimming pool. Through blog posts and email campaigns, give your leads just enough information to make them feel like you’ve shared something important with them (such as basic maintenance tips). Make yourself available for questions, even if they already have a pool through someone else.

When you show that you genuinely care more about the person than you do the sale, then you’ll eventually get the sale too (they might start coming to you for chemicals for their pool, and a couple years later, they ask you to do their pool remodel). Remember though, you have to actually, genuinely care about the person more. If you don’t, they’ll see right through you.

Be Consistent

If you’re going to do an email campaign, then actually do an email campaign. Whether you hire us to help you with it or do it on your own, set up a system that will generate emails regularly and consistently so that the lead can count on it.

The same goes for social media or your website’s blog. If you’re going to do it, do it right; otherwise, don’t bother. If you’re only posting once a week on social media and your small number of followers have no idea when that will happen, then you won’t gain more followers and the few leads you did have will lose interest. If your blog is only updated every few weeks, you’ll see the same negative result. As with anything you want to be successful at, consistency is paramount.

Toss in a Call to Action

Every once in awhile, you need to call your leads to action. Remind them in your blog posts that whatever you’re teaching, you can also do for them so it’s one thing less they have to worry about. When they call for help with their green swimming pool, give them tips, but also offer to come clean it up for them. Share information that will help them, but also offer to make it easier by enlisting your service or your product.

Trust, consistency and action: you can do it! Of course, if you want some help nurturing those leads, we are here for you.