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What’s in Your Digital Marketing Plan?

Few of our clients come to us knowing what they want, or what is even possible with a digital marketing strategy. Should you hone your Google search ads? Is Bing worthwhile? Is your best bet focusing on organic SEO? Or a new social strategy?

Download our case studies to see what strategies worked best for other businesses like yours, and how The Get Smart Group was able to deliver success.

Answer your questions about digital marketing

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Mastercraft Pool and Spa Case Study

The goal of this case study is to determine the amount of Return on Ad Spend that MCPS received with their advertising efforts as managed by The Get Smart Group. The standard ROAS is the production of $20 in revenue for each $1 in ad spend, though that varies somewhat from market to market.
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International Hot Tub Company Case Study

Jim's goal was to raise awareness of the high-quality products IHT provides for the Denver, Colorado area. However, little did they know, their business was about to skyrocket thanks to the expertise of none other than The Get Smart Group's very own Google Tech and SEO expert, Zach Baltes.
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HFS Financial Case Study

HFS's goal was to advertise on Google more effectively, getting better quality leads and higher conversion rates, and ultimately showing the importance of a good Google Ad strategy and implementation of it.

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