The Bigger, The Better.

We've worked with all sizes

The Get Smart Group has significant experience in marketing for manufacturers and other large businesses.

The manufacturers we represent are brilliant at developing and producing fantastic products. But they often need help when it comes to signing dealers to distribute their products and building brand recognition across the marketplace.

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Our Experience

We represent both national and international manufacturers in a variety of verticals. Our experience includes managing multi-million dollar ad budgets across platforms, including Google, Microsoft/Bing, social media, and more.

We have experience in marketing to consumers, as well as that tricky B2B marketing necessary to sign new dealers and franchisees. In addition to our Leadgic Package, which includes ad development and content for several major platforms, we also offer additional ads and content packages to meet the needs of our larger manufacturer clients.

Do you want another marketing company to “learn” on your business? Be Smart. Partner with experience.

We do not have a “cookie-cutter” marketing strategy for our manufacturer clients. Each industry, company, and product line is wholly different. Our sales team will meet with your stakeholders to determine your needs and goals for marketing, as well as your overall business strategy. We’ll then develop a proposal that is customized to your needs.

Dealer Programs

Our dealer programs are designed to find and sign dealers to represent your products. We have an extensive network of dealers in the pool and spa industry that we already work with. Additionally, we have proven methods for reaching dealers and potential franchisees in any industry you serve.

Reach ALL The Customers

Our manufacturer clients usually need to reach a mix of dealers and end customers, which requires a two-punch of B2B and B2C advertising. Our B2C marketing strategies are based on your market. Are you trying to reach folks just in the Pacific Northwest? Perhaps nationwide. Or even internationally. Our strategies take into account who your target audience is and where they’re most likely to see and respond to your ads and content.

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Who We Work With

The Get Smart Group began in and specializes in the pool and spa industry. However, we have experience serving a variety of manufacturers in specialty nitches, such as steel buildings and software companies. What drives our success is our expansive metrics. We utilize a variety of specialized systems to capture and analyze useful business intelligence, then we custom-develop a marketing strategy for our manufacturers based on this data. From SEO optimization to content development, ad platform utilization to app development — we know what it takes to effectively and efficiently market large manufacturing companies.

Buying Guides

Today’s consumers demand ample information before buying. That means that high-quality, well-written, visually appealing buying guides are essential to the marketing strategies of manufacturing companies. We develop custom lead magnets, buying guides, product guides, and more — written by trained industry specialists and designed by experienced digital designers. We then place them strategically for the maximum impact within your marketing strategy.

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