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Every marketing company out there says they can deliver “actionable metrics.”

In reality, their metrics don’t usually match up to the numbers you need when it comes to managing marketing, staffing, training, and customer acquisition and retention. The Get Smart Group provides metrics to our clients that result in actual boots-on-the-ground business intelligence for smart decision making and business growth.

Our Leadgic package includes powerful elements like:

Google Search Ads: Conversion Rate average for our industry is 4.8%. We are at 9.31% account-wide.

We’re equipped with the support of an amazing team of marketing specialists, tech masters, designers, writers, editors, and more, who make it their number-one priority to provide our customers with everything from high-quality leads at competitive prices to in-depth marketing plans and the tech structure to back it up in the age of all things digital.

Our Leadgic package includes everything you need to market your products and services in the Digital Age. From search engine optimization to website building, CRM software to thoughtful and successful marketing plans for social media, Leadgic is designed as an all-in-one answer to your marketing needs.

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