“The team at The Get Smart Group really listened to us and as a result built a custom website that fits us perfectly. It’s like they knew us better than we knew ourselves! I can’t even count how many times potential clients have chosen us because our site presented us so professionally. Even after our pitch meetings, clients point their board members or business partners to our site and they feel they know us without having met our team. We believe The Get Smart Group is largely responsible for our 38% growth last year and our even higher growth so far this year. ”

–  Dr. Steve Goodwin  TurningWest.com

“In our quick moving spa & pool business, we have to be able to make announcements about  home shows, fairs and sales events cost effectively to make the most of our investments to attend these shows, which can be expensive. When we came to the Get Smart Group in 2013, we didn’t have any social media or lead followup systems at the time. We hired them to help us redo our entire website to capture leads better, and to help us with facebook and google ads. The number of ongoing leads we get from our website has doubled, the number of email responses we get regularly is impressive and the number of people who attend events and RSVP for coupons from emails and facebook has increased hugely. I can safely say that we can attribute at least three to five sales from EACH show directly to the social media and strategy efforts that The Get Smart Group manages for us. The best part is that it’s cheaper than hiring another employee, and I know it will always look professional.”  – Jay Jarden  Pooltechplus.com


“The Get Smart Group has been an immense help with our follow up process and communication with our leads. We had a specific situation whereby a customer showed up at an expo event after receiving an email, and showed interest in a swim spa but was not quite ready yet. This customer finally responded this spring after recieving several of our email broadcasts, and we were able to get an order. Without The Get Smart Group, this lead would have likely been left behind after one email or call. This one instance made us approximately $10,000 in gross profit. Since then we have done more than 20 shows in 2015 in addition to their monthly management with the Get Smart Facebook promotion and each show brings us at least 5 trackable sales from Facebook alone – a value between $10,000-$100,000. The investment is a no brainer because the numbers just make sense.”  – Christian Ryan, PremiumWholesale.ca


“From the beginning of my Real Estate Marketing Project, Scott took a personal interest in the project and knew it as well as I did. Because he took the time to get to know our business he often made excellent suggestions  to improve what we were trying to accomplish. We received excellent value for our money as Scott put in countless additional hours to get the project right. Scott and the Get Smart team have warm & friendly personalities and are very easy to work with. They brought value to the table by recommending solutions and following them up that were outside his scope of work. Overall it was an absolute pleasure to work with The Get Smart Group, and I am looking forward to working on our next project together.” – AJ Slavinski, Step Ahead Properties

“When I first came to The Get Smart Group about helping me with my business, it was to assist me with focusing my marketing and branding for my new construction business. They helped me build a simple website in the beginning, create a logo, create followup campaigns and a sales process. My focus day to day is on building projects line wineries, custom barns, horse arenas, large steel and fabric buildings, and I just don’t have time for marketing details. I’ve been grateful to be able to trust the marketing to The Get Smart Group and know that it will help me grow my business.  Recently, The Get Smart Group created an even more detailed website for assisting my clients with getting information and quotes easier – which also saves me time and lets me help turn my leads into clients faster.  I get a lot of compliments on my website regularly and I’ve started receiving a lot of referrals because, not only is my work good, but my website looks more professional than any of my competitors.  ” – Jared Dimuccio,  Big Covered Buildings.com

“I just wanted to report back to you now that we have been using the Get Smart Group services for the first quarter of this year (2014).  Last year in the first quarter, we sold one swim spa.  This year we have sold 6 so far.  I feel that these follow up systems played a major roll in at least 4 of them.  That’s what we in the business call excellent results!  Thank you for everything!”  – Adam Burke Atlanta Spa & Leisure

“The Wild Goose Festival has multi-faceted relationships with many of our constituents. They are donors, they purchase tickets, they volunteer, and they perform at the festival. Each one of these facets is addressed by a different, part-time staff person, and our staff tend to be spread out around the country. The Get Smart Group has helped us pull all of these aspects of our customer relationships together in a way that helps us communicate much more effectively with them. They have also gone far beyond this in helping us craft messages and implement marketing solutions that make our small staff much more efficient and responsive to the needs of our community. Their technical knowledge and marketing savvy provide a unique blend of skills that have tremendous value for our organization. We’re getting ready to hire them to do another campaign for us, because we know they do great work and can help us get the value we need out of this investment.” – Jay Clarkson, Wild Goose Festival

“After a lot of research looking for the right marketing fit for my business, I found the Get Smart group a valuable asset to educate me and help grow my business. They built our new website, improved our email communications, helped train us on sales processes and lead follow up, honed our social media strategies and implemented an entire new CRM software plan! 4 years later, They continue to be our #1 go to for solutions, new campaigns and ideas.” – Dan Hyatt,  Nwhotspring.com