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My name is Scott Cohen and I own The Green Scene, Landscaping and Swimming Pools. We are a high-end design and build firm licensed as Landscape, General and Pool Contractors in sunny California. I have worked with The Get Smart Group for over a year and a half now. Prior to engaging The Get Smart Group, I considered hiring just a Marketing Manager. The problem was finding just one person good at websites, marketing, social media, customer service software, reputation management, etc. What we really needed was an entire team of talented people working together to up our game all across the board. I found that team with the Get Smart Group. It was a little slow to get the ball rolling, but once the team was up to speed on the vibe we were after, and our marketing philosophies were in line, the whole team just started to groove. My staff and I meet regularly with our Get Smart Team at pre-scheduled online meetings to review our multiple websites, monthly numbers, social media posts, frequent blogs, ad campaigns, and Infusionsoft follow-up system.

I like the insight into how our marketing strategy is working. It’s helpful to get regular, actionable expert advice based on sound data and reliable experience from people who understand my industry. I enjoy working with the knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and creative staff. I recommend The Get Smart Group for all your marketing needs.

Scott Cohen, The Green Scene Inc. Garden Artisan
Scott cohen, owner of the green scene promotes the get smart group
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    Ana Engelhardt Texas Hot Tub Company

    "Working with The Get Smart Group has proven to be very beneficial to the marketing success of our company. Just this past year, GSG has developed our new website, set up our new CRM, and produced Buyer’s Guides for all of our product lines. Before GSG, executing a marketing strategy was difficult, as we weren’t able to track as much data and results. GSG has completely changed the way we make marketing decisions, because of how much data we are able to view. They are always available when I have questions or need quick assistance."

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    Katelyn Zook Goodall Pools & Spas

    “The Get Smart Group provides us with an entire team of innovative, marketing experts who are incredibly knowledgeable in the pool and spa industry. Their industry experience, paired with their marketing expertise sets them above the rest. They have made our job significantly easier!”

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    Andrew Collins HFS Financial

    "GSG has been an asset that has helped HFS continue industry dominance in home improvement lending. Their attention to detail has proven to be the accelerant HFS needed to reach more contractors."

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    James Ritzus International Hot Tub Company

    "I started working closely with The Get Smart Group in 2018 when they were a small, growing agency. Over the years, I've collaborated with them to build a new website, generate hot tub and swim spa leads through email nurture campaigns, create effective SEO strategies, and test out-of-the-box marketing ideas.

    The monthly reporting they provide empowers me to make strategic, data-driven decisions, and it proves the money we spend with them has a good return on investment. Working with a designated marketing team to develop a custom marketing plan specific for our audience was the personal, hands-on touch that's kept me working with them for all these years."

      "We started with The Get Smart Group in Nov. 2019 and got things underway and everything was getting finished in March 2020 when pandemic struck and shut everything down. But I feel like it was a nice experience, our onboarding was one of my first Zoom calls. Onboarding was really good, a little wild, because the world shut down right as we got going, but we were still able to get the website up.

      The focus in the pool industry is what drew us to The Get Smart Group. We were talking to another firm, but they only represented one other pool company. So, we were glad to work with someone with a pool industry knowledge base. Everyone has understood the industry which is a lot to ask in the pool industry - you never stop learning. It was helpful to talk our lingo and have it be understood, it made things a lot easier.

      When it comes to blogs and social media content, there’s only been a minor tweaking to fit our specific climate in Idaho, but it’s only minor details like that. And lately I haven’t had to do as much adjusting. The only ones I really need to adjust are blog titles that I wanted, that I had a specific idea for that blog, because I had a vision for it from the beginning. But the topics that The Get Smart Group have come up with for us have always been very accurate and easy to read and an easy process to manage.

      The team meetings are good. When they shifted to bringing in the whole team once a month has been really helpful. Even if some things aren’t urgent, I’ll have something on my mind that I’d like to talk about, and it’s been nice to have everyone there instead of writing a 15 email chain. In the meetings, it’s very, “Get it in, get it done.” It's been great.

      I see a lot of innovation, definitely Integrity. Those are the two values that stick out the most with me. As we were going through the pandemic and were introduced to the hot tub price list and getting everything loaded and keeping current stock lists online, I feel like that was a good progression and innovation with the current times and keeping up with everything. I feel like everybody has got good integrity, too. When they say they’re going to do something, they follow through, they get it done, they return and report and make sure we’re satisfied with that particular project.

      For us getting started, the expense was a little scary. We hadn’t committed to something that large before, just imagining adding the expense of The Get Smart Group services was like...wow, are we ready for it? Looking back now, it’s the best value you can purchase, for $50,000 you can hire an internal marketing person. But with The Get Smart Group team, you have writers, editors, graphic design artists, web developers, photo editors, project managers, you have a whole team of resources at your fingertips and it makes it well worth it if you want and are willing to grow."

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      Chad Davies, Mastercraft Construction & Retail Operations Manager

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