Get Started With Lead Generation

You’ve got leads, but do you have good ones?

Lead generation is only as good as the quality of leads you’re getting.

Your system tells you that you got 144 leads last month. But your website bounce rate is higher than the space station and your sales numbers indicate that only a small percentage of those leads converted. What gives?

Lead generation is both art and science. It’s quite a lot like fishing: you cast a wide net, learn where the fish are, pinpoint where the BIG fish are, and cast ever-smaller nets as you learn. Your early attempts catch a few keepers, along with some various and sundry inedible fish and even a bit of random garbage. Those later casts are much narrower but yield a greater percentage of keepers and less to toss back or throw away.

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Get the best fisherman in the industry, The Get Smart Group.

Any good fisherman knows that you never steer your boat into new waters before checking with the local pros. Fishing guides, professional anglers, or that aged gentleman on the shore who manages to reel up a 12-pound bass on virtually every other cast — you find someone who knows and you learn from them.

The Get Smart Group is like your local fishing guru. We’ve already learned where the good leads are and how to reach them. Our knowledge of pool and spa marketing is truly unmatched. Sure, there are always challenges when we take on new clients and new markets, but we go into it with far more knowledge than any other marketing company when it comes to marketing for the backyard recreation industry as a whole, and the pool and spa industry in particular. Like the aged gentleman on the shore of the local honey hole, we’ve learned a thing or a million that mean you get better leads, faster leads, higher-quality leads, and of course, more conversions.

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