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Are you a manufacturer needing a video to explain how your new gizmo works? Maybe you’re a pool and spa dealer wanting a video series for YouTube or Facebook Videos to improve branding. The Get Smart Group can produce quality video content for a variety of purposes.

We can help educate your team on video production or we can send an experienced crew to shoot the video for you. From video script writing to filming to editing and distribution, we’ve got you covered.

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Create Your Success

The Get Smart Group manages both one-off and ongoing video projects. Post your videos or ours as a Facebook Live, which is the absolute best way to improve social engagement and drive website traffic!

We can also take your existing videos, clean them up quickly, add an intro and outro, include branding, requests to Like & Subscribe, and make it ready for YouTube, Facebook Videos, or any other video platform.

If you’re interested in having video screens in your stores, playing your featured videos, we can help with equipment, services, and more!

Due to the great differences of size and scope among our video projects, these are priced on a case-by-case basis.

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