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World-Class Designers

Let us tell you about our design team.

Today’s marketing is highly visual. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the greatest offer in the world if no one stops to look, and that requires a team of digital design specialists. 


Meet the Expert Digital Design Team

From websites to logos, brand kits to billboards, truck wraps to Facebook and Google ads, our design team does it all.

Travis Branco

Senior Graphic Designer

Travis is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer with over two decades of design experience. He is rooted in the beautiful Northern California foothills where his creativity runs amok.

He designs and creates with an open mind, a fresh perspective, and a love and passion for what he does.

Nickie Russell

Graphic Designer

Nickie Russell produces more digital ads than you can count. Week in and week out, she stuns our clients with gorgeous ads that stop people cold in their social media feeds. There’s an art to making pools, spas, and other backyard recreation products look delightfully gorgeous in digital. The lighting has to be just right, the contrast can’t be off a smidge, and the scene needs to look like it’s ready to jump in and start a pool party. The text has to be readable, but it also can’t detract from the scene displayed. Nickie makes it look easy. From Valentine’s Day ads that’ll make you fall in love to holiday ads that’ll make Jingle Bells ring in your ears, her designs make you (and more importantly, your online reader) feel. With her rich design background, Nickie is capable of producing everything from the smallest Google display ad to the big billboards by the interstate. Simply put, you need Nickie designing your ads!

Our design team brings together all of the other elements of our clients’ marketing. They make the websites we build, the ads we run, the emails we send out, and the content we develop simply stunning. And they’d love to do it for you!

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