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Augmented Reality Technology Revolutionizing Your Business

Ahead of the curve

What if your customers could see what their finished pools, spas, and other home improvement projects or backyard renovations would look like — in their own homes?

AR, or Augmented Reality, is the technology that puts virtual products into real-world environments. This is the technology that lets Google users watch a lifelike tiger roam around their living rooms. But it also allows pool customers to see what a rectangular fiberglass pool looks like in their backyard, and compare it to a freeform pool or play with different color and size options.

Frankly, it’s revolutionary.

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Redefining what's possible

If this sounds a little SciFi, it’s now a reality.

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Numerous manufacturers and brands already utilize this technology.
For example, fashion designers offer apps that allow customers to try on different clothing and accessories. Furniture manufacturers and retailers offer apps that allow customers to test out different living room, dining room, bedroom, and other furniture options and see what those look like in their own homes.

These technologies improve customer engagement, reduce the number of refunds and exchanges, and give you a hearty edge over your competitors.

The Get Smart Group can help you develop an AR app that lets customers see what your finished projects look like in their own homes and backyards. Picture this:

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