Hot Tub & Spa Marketing

How Can The Get Smart Group Grow Your Business?

We’ve sold this stuff!

We don’t just “do” hot tub and spa marketing.

Our team is made up of industry professionals who have experience selling, researching, marketing and writing about all the various hot tub brands out there – all with the goal of attracting more customers for our Hot Tub & Spa Dealer clients nationwide.

We’re brand specialists.

We are learners. We study, we ask questions, we listen and we absorb information across the industry to transform it into actionable strategies for our clients. Whatever your Hot Tub brand – we recognize it, are familiar with its features, logos, marketing imagery, and we actually recognize the difference between images of their hot tubs versus the competition’s. From Jacuzzi® to Hot Spring®, Master Spas® to Caldera®, Marquis® to Dream Maker, Artesian™ to Bullfrog or American Whirlpool® (formerly Maax)… we are brand agnostic – so if you sell it, we sell it.

Swim Spas? Yeah, we know those.

Oh, and did we mention that we started out selling swim spas? We swim in them, we sell them, and we teach salespeople how to sell more of them – in person, over the phone, and online.

We understand how spa customers shop both in-person and online, and we know it’s not the same strategy to reach those customers. We can show you the difference with actionable reporting monthly and show you what each type of customer costs you in your market.

We know that the average hot tub sells for around $8,000, and we know there are three price categories listed on the show sheets you distribute to your sales team. We have seen how a bad sale event, a slow month, or huge employee turnover can mean the difference between a positive or negative bottom line on your annual P&L. We know how that affects your ability to be effective as a business owner and how it can impact your employees, your family, and your community. We know because we worry about those same things.


SEO? Websites? Ecomm? Social Media Marketing? Yeah, we do that.

“The Get Smart Group handles all of our social marketing, social advertising, lead generation, lead follow up, website updates and promotions for our hot tub and spa dealers.”

Our hot tub lead costs are HALF the national average.

We understand your market and your customers. There is no way we could keep up with all the changes Google throws out there on a regular basis. That’s why we employ a team of Google ad experts (as well as experts in Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms), to stay on the cutting edge of new technology – which is what it takes in this market.

We understand hot tub and spa marketing, we get to know your company, and we know how to attract the right type of customer who is going to buy your brands in your desired price range. Help us understand your current numbers and marketing spend, and we’ll help you set realistic goals for positive growth in your market in the coming year. We can help you set and reach your goals as a partner in your success.

While average conversion rates hover around 4.8%, our conversion rates are at 9.31% across all the Google ad accounts we manage.

We will get you more quality leads online monthly – that means gathering names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Then, we help you nurture those hot tub marketing leads into loyal, paying customers. We can show you how it’s possible to increase your sales annually by 25% just by introducing a well-written and educational drip marketing email strategy to your new and existing leads and customers. We can provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your sales follow-up processes and help you improve problem areas. We will provide reporting and guidance each month to continuously hone the process and help improve results for you.

Our marketing solutions are customized for each client. No cookie-cutter hot tub marketing here! What custom solutions can we create for you this year? Call us!

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