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When we mention “social media marketing” to most of our new clients, their first thought is Facebook advertising. That is certainly one element of it, but social media marketing incorporates both ads and a strongly engaging social presence. It also takes into account emerging and alternative platforms that may benefit your business.

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A peek at what a holistic social media marketing strategy does for your business.

The Get Smart Group has identified which platforms reach which demographics most effectively. The social platforms you use for selling pools and spas differs radically from what works for marketing shoes or tech devices or enterprise software. That’s why our Leadgic package is more than just A, B, C, 1, 2, 3. We identify your needs and goals, based on your business model, product lines, and localized marketplace, and develop a plan that meets those goals.

We back it all up with actionable metrics that enable us to hone and refine our marketing plans over time, so that your results three months from now are better than today, and your ROI over the course of a year is astoundingly improved.

Engage More, Pay Less.

Did you know if people engage with your social posts, you pay less for advertising on the platform, and the algorithms show your ads to more people? That’s the power of a good social identity.

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Social Media Matters

Smart Social Media Marketing in Good Times… And Those Other Times

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In 2020, while business closings neared 100,000 nationwide, none of our clients went out of business. Even our clients in states with heavy lockdown measures were able to not only survive, many thrived, as we helped them navigate a plethora of never-before-faced issues.

We helped our clients set up and promote safe curbside services, which not only secured revenue, but also provided essential products and services to their customers, while allowing our clients to keep many of their staff employed, even while unemployment numbers soared nationally.

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