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Say the right thing with your web presence

What does your website tell your customers?

If you spend much time browsing the internet, you’ve probably noticed how much websites have changed in the past few years. Sites that were the latest and greatest five years ago are already dated.

As businesses change, so should their websites. We almost always find that our new clients’ websites feature product lines they no longer carry, don’t include the newest products and services they offer, and most just look dated. Well, outdated. Like, Comic Sans font outdated.

Say the right thing with your web presence

The Get Smart Group takes websites seriously.

Not only is your site your virtual storefront in the digital age, it’s often the first impression your potential customers get of your brand. But it’s so much more: Your website’s design, content, navigation, and technical specs determine whether Google brings it up in a search or sends that traffic to your competitor across town.

Our web team is comprised of a skill set that’s unmatched in marketing companies similar to our size. In fact, we’d put them up against any in the industry. We have experts in e-commerce sites, pros in website design and navigation, and an entire team of experienced content writers, with specialized training in writing about pools, spas, and backyard recreation products. We also employ SEO specialists, analysts, graphic designers, and developers, who enjoy designing, developing, coding, and improving websites like most of us enjoy watching football games or eating pizza.

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Say the right thing with your web presence

Website Design

Everyone needs a website. The trouble is, few people know what their website should look like, what it should do or how it should operate.

That’s where we come in…

We don’t want you worrying about making sure your HTML is compliant, whether your site is optimized for search engines or mobile – or what in the world FTP and CSS mean.

Here at The Get Smart Group, we’ll build you a first-class web presence that compliments your business where it should and doesn’t try to do what it shouldn’t.


Meet the Expert Web Development Team

We’d like to introduce you to a few of our website rockstars.

Matthew Scheppmann

Senior Web Developer

Matthew has been with us several years, and he’s already developed a number of super-slick websites for our clients, not to mention a few mind-boggling mobile apps and AR technologies, and numerous sites he’s improved and added to. Many of our clients have been able to significantly expand their in-store profits with beautiful e-commerce sites. Not only is this helpful in the general digital age, it was absolutely essential for survival during the COVID lockdowns of 2020. Clients who had to shut their physical stores and send home their staff were able to turn a profit, pay the bills, and stay in business while others, sadly, went into debt or went out of business.

Jonathan Ibrahim

Web Developer

Biography coming soon!

Ready to have us build your website? Give us a call!

Our developers are also savvy in mobile apps and AR technologies! If this happens to be one of your business goals, reach out and let’s see how we can help. I look forward to talking with you about how our website development and supporting teams can help you meet your wildest dreams.

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