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Ads where they matter most.

While many of our clients utilize platforms like Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, we’ve found that for pool and spa marketing, no platform comes close to performing like Google and Facebook. All of our Leadgic packages include regular Google search ads, display ads, and Facebook ads. (Our prices include the cost of developing, launching, and managing the ads, not the costs of running the ads.)


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Custom-designed advertising strategy.

Pool and spa advertising is best done in conjunction with a great website and strong SEO strategy. Organic search results play directly into ad costs and performance. Our Leadgic packages include SEO optimization and regular content production to support your ad dollars on both Google and Facebook, as well as Bing or other social media platforms that fit into your business strategy.

We don’t just recommend a cookie-cutter ad package. Each of our ad strategies is tailor-made and custom designed for each client, every month. Come see the Get Smart difference.

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