The Foundation Package

For An Entry Into The Digital Marketing World


The Get Smart Foundation Package

The Get Smart Group is a full-service marketing agency, serving businesses of all sizes, from startups to international manufacturers. Over the years, we recognized that we needed a “starting point” for clients who are just starting their businesses, revamping their businesses, or are shifting their advertising and marketing strategies to digital for the first time. To meet their needs, and help them delve into digital marketing in a cost-effective, practical way, we created The Foundation Package.

The Foundation Package is a solid, foot-in-the-door entryway to digital marketing. It’s designed to acclimate these entry-level clients in the digital marketing world, including what they need in terms of website, online reputation management, SEO strategy, and expert advice. We offer a full array of a-la-carte items if you’re interested in more than just the basics. However, it is almost always more cost-effective to go with our Leadgic Package if you want more services, such as monthly ads, regular social media and blog posts, CRM email campaigns, and ongoing SEO optimization.

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