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Get in front of the internet.

The world is Googling … Are you there?

The Get Smart Group consistently performs in the top 10% of Google advertisers worldwide.

The latest reports attribute nearly 87% of the search engine market share to Google. Yet Google is consistently tight-lipped when it comes to explaining what their algorithms actually do. That means that constant study, monitoring, and tweaking are required to determine what’s hot and what’s not on the infamous and powerful Google Page One Search Results.


Meet the Expert Google Ads Team.

Let us introduce you to David Quilici and Zach Baltes. David brings an amazing level of innovation to our technical systems and processes. 

David Quilici

Digital Alchemist

With a penchant for good research and a head for improving designs and workflows, David has delivered improvements in Google ad performance to each and every one of our clients. In fact, he took one national brand to a 70% increase in search in mere months! But, really, David is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and we’d keep him around, even if he only gave us 69.99% improvements.

Zachary Baltes

Search Engine Marketing Assistant

His background and passion is in SEO, and he supports both our tech team and our content team with the very latest in search engine ranking advancements. A lover of performance cars and one of the few people who manage to survive Ohio winters despite a distinct disdain for cold weather, Zach is here to take your SEO performance from “meh” to “oh, yeah” in the blink of an eye!

What are your potential customers googling? Are they finding your business … or your competitors? Reach out to learn how The Get Smart Group can catapult your Google rankings to the top of the pile.

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