Backyard Recreation Marketing

How Can The Get Smart Group Grow Your Business?

The Backyard

What’s the “Backyard Recreation” Industry?

Even before the pandemic, the trend of building staycation spaces, home spas, and improving outdoor living spaces was underway. The events of 2020 and beyond forever sealed the fate of backyard recreation — as families sought to convert their homes and yards into places where their family could live, work, be entertained, and thrive — when leaving the home was no longer an option.

Enter: The revolution of backyard pools, spas, landscaping, hardscaping, saunas, high-end patio furniture, and whatever else it takes to improve our homes and lives. That’s the backyard recreation industry.

At the Get Smart Group, we understand how to market high-end landscaping, hardscaping, outdoor kitchens, pools and spas, and other home improvement projects.. We can write about and promote your products with knowledge, experience, and industry savvy.

Our plans range from entry-level to holistic. Ask about our Foundation and Leadgic Packages, as well as our à la cart products and services for marketing in the Backyard Recreation Industry.

The Get Smart Group offers a Leadgic CRM that allows you to capture and nurture valuable leads in categories. Did the lead come to you asking about a new unit? Or perhaps they’re interested in maintenance services, or a specialty product you offer, such as generators. Our campaigns are designed to nurture leads based on what they’re actually interested in, not just a generic answer for any and every lead that comes in.


Lead Generation is just the first step.

We nurture leads and improve lifetime customer value with smart CRM for landscaping contractors, pool builders, and other home improvement companies.

In addition to our top-tier CRM, the Get Smart Group provides a holistic marketing plan that targets valuable leads across search engines and social media platforms. We have proven methods for generating more leads, generating cheaper leads, and most importantly, generating leads who are actually interested in and able to afford your products and services.

Our per-lead costs for hot tubs are HALF the national average.

Don’t go with a marketing company that forces you to treat all your leads equally. Work with the one who can generate and nurture your leads and customers across all of your product lines and services. We offer plans that range from basic consulting services all the way up to full-service digital marketing on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms your customers are using to find their goods and services.

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