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“Email Marketing 101 - Get Opened”
Ali Reynolds, Co-Founder of The Get Smart Group
Ali provides tips in PoolPro Magazine on how to get your audience to open email marketing blasts and track open rates to help better your email marketing strategy. Read it here!
“Email Marketing 101 - Monetization”
Ali Reynolds, Co-Founder of The Get Smart Group
Ali expands on her email marketing expertise in this follow-up article of Email Marketing 101 - Get Opened for PoolPro Magazine. She explains the importance of follow-up in email campaigns and how you are throwing money away if you don’t. Read more here!
“30 Under 40 2020”
Jason Rosenberger, VP of Sales and Business Development
This annual feature in PoolPro Magazine spotlights 30 pool industry professionals under 40 years of age who are movers and shakers in the industry. Jason was selected due to his background in-store pool sales, marketing, and CRMs, then bringing his expertise to The Get Smart Group as the VP of Sales. Read all about it here!
“Keep Talking”
Jason Rosenberger, VP of Sales and Business Development
Jason discusses how today’s customers are different from those in the past. He also explains how vital it is for businesses to stay on top of customer inquiries and offers insight into the tools that businesses can use to alleviate some of the pressure.
“Lead Landslide”
Kristan Hart, Chief Operating Officer
In this article, Kristan gave her input on the “lead landslide” on the pool industry during the 2020 pandemic, and the challenges faced when pool professionals tried to hire enough staff to handle the new overwhelming load of leads.
“The 100 Year Flood”
Kristan Hart, Chief Operating Officer
Kristan provides insight into what she’s seen spa dealers and other spa professionals doing to deal with the explosion of business during the pandemic. She offers her perspective on marketing strategies that are working well for many in the industry during these unprecedented times.
“Visualize That”
Scott Reynolds, Co-Founder and CEO
Celebrating the launch of beta versions of the Latham Pool Visualizer App and web-based Latham Liner Visualizer, Scott offers up details on how the visualizer came to be. He explains how the app is breaking ground (before actually breaking ground) and how having this tool is a game-changer for pool builders.
“Google It”
Scott Reynolds, Co-Founder and CEO
In this article, Scott provides his insight on the importance of creating a free Google My Business account. He further explains the advantages of having a fully filled out and up-to-date GMB profile and offers tips on additional resources that work hand-in-hand with GMB.
“Just Hit Record”
Scott Reynolds, Co-Founder and CEO
Scott discusses the unique and relevant business tool that is Facebook Live. In this article, Scott relays the importance of connecting with potential customers and offering a more personal connection than you get with traditional advertising.
“Keeping Up (Web) Appearances”
Zach Baltes, Search Engine Marketing Assistant
In this article Zach explains the importance of the free Google Search Console. He talks about the potentially disastrous effects on a business when website errors go undetected and reveals the ways in which Google Search Console helps businesses avoid those pitfalls.

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