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The Get Smart Group is comprised of smart, kind, creative, and innovative individuals with a dedicated focus on customer service. We hire our team members based on their cultural fit, including character, and their proven track record within their areas of expertise. We retain and promote our team members based on continued integrity, leadership and growth – both personal and professional.

At The Get Smart Group, our team members are true team players who seek to find fulfillment through meaningful work and positive, constructive interactions with our clients and with each other on a daily basis. It’s taken time to learn how to find the right team members, and even more time to train each new hire properly. Over the past decade-plus, we’ve spent countless hours putting training and accountability measures in place for all our new hires. We now follow a proven training process with each new employee upon every hire.

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Get a Whole Team for the price of one employee

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Hiring a marketing manager is expensive. Plus, it only comes with one skill set: marketing. The Get Smart Group is fully staffed with entire departments dedicated to specific elements of an overall digital marketing strategy. From brilliant account executives to hardworking digital assistants, you’ll get smart ads that perform.

We’ll capture the attention of leads and customers with eye-popping artwork. And the leads we generate will be nurtured into converted customers through smart, well-designed, seamlessly-managed CRM. Your brand voice will develop and be heard through engaging, informative, knowledgeable content. And we’ve got the tech guys and gals to make it all work together in a resounding harmony of success.

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