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Our Team

The Get Smart Group team is comprised of smart, kind, creative and innovative individuals with a dedicated focus on customer service. We hire our team members based on cultural fit and also on character and proven track record in their areas of expertise. We retain and promote based on continued integrity, leadership and growth - both personal and professional. At The Get Smart Group, our team members are truly team players who seek to find fulfillment through meaningful work and positive, constructive interactions with our clients and with each other on a daily basis.

Just because we aren't in the same room everyday... doesn't mean we can't celebrate like we are!

It has taken time to learn how to find the right team members and it takes even more time to train each new hire properly. We have spent many many hours over the past 10 years putting processes in place for training and accountability for new hires. We now follow a dedicated training process with each new employee every time.

Scott Reynolds
Ali Reynolds
Linda Emerson
Tina Branscum
Christy Dunaway
Kristan Hart
Sara Reed
David Quilici
Ben Diedrich
Matthew Scheppmann
Nickie Russell
Rebecca Fischer
Jason Rosenberger

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