How Manufacturers Should Approach Digital Marketing

How Manufacturers Should Approach Digital Marketing
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With the start of the new year, analyzing and fine-tuning business marketing strategies is on everyone’s mind. But for manufacturers, is the need for digital marketing really a necessity? We are here to tell you that it definitely is! There is a good chance that you need some serious brand time in front of both your dealer partners and your prospective customers. Thankfully, The Get Smart Group understands the complex marketing needs of manufacturers and offers customized services that are tailored to your unique business needs.

Digital marketing offers unparalleled exposure that your business can’t receive through any other means. It can be a powerful way to reach potential customers, educate and sign on additional dealers, build brand awareness of your products and services, provide dealers and vendors exceptional examples of how to market products well, and even connect potential buyers with purchase opportunities. The world of sales has changed, and The Get Smart Group makes it our mission to be on the cutting edge of trends and technology. Here’s why manufacturers should view digital marketing as a must-have for your business.

Why Do Manufacturers Need Digital Marketing?

Manufacturers are tasked with a unique challenge when it comes to digital marketing. With the ever-evolving digital landscape, you have to ensure that your marketing efforts aren’t only directed on what sales info you are sending out, but that you are also prepared for the searches that are coming in.

While the days of traditional marketing are still around, the growing need for digital marketing continues to increase. There’s still a place for unsolicited marketing — meaning marketing that is sent out without any request on the part of the receiver. From radio to television and even mailers, there are gains to be made. However, with the shift in marketing from just receiving to actively searching online, manufacturers must keep up with online trends and technologies in order to maintain your competitive edge in the market for people looking for the products and solutions you offer.

Utilize digital marketing to promote and advertise your products, services, and brand as a whole. This can be accomplished through various digital channels such as an incredible website, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, CRM email campaigns, augmented reality, and more.

Moreover, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition by offering digital content that is tailored to both your dealers’ and customers’ needs. Content should align with the goals and objectives of your manufacturing business, while also delivering value to your target audience. Additionally, digital marketing campaigns should be designed with a strategic approach in order to maximize return on investment (ROI). This makes The Get Smart Group stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to digital marketing for manufacturers.

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Brand awareness builds brand loyalty.

You Need to Build Brand Loyalty

Developing brand loyalty starts at the manufacturing level. Great products deserve all the attention they can get and having a strategy in place to distribute brand knowledge, visuals, and information is key. Digital marketing can also be used to build relationships and loyalty with potential customers as well as dealers. This is done by producing digital content that resonates with your target audience, as well as provides them with helpful information about products and services.

With a bit of expert help, manufacturers can create digital campaigns that focus on creating meaningful connections — promoting connections between dealers and your business and connecting potential buyers with a dealer or other opportunity where a sale is possible. Not only does this increase your manufacturing bottom line, it also builds the businesses of the companies who offer your products. And that makes for loyal partners who have important buy-in when it comes to your business.

Consider also the need for digital signage for dealers and stores that offer your products. With a cohesive look to branding, your business and products can have immediate recognition and impactful loyalty when your marketing is consistent across all distribution channels — whether in a B2B setting or a B2C experience.

Draw Them in with a Beautifully Optimized Website & Visualization Solutions

When searching for the right marketing tools for your business, a digital presence for manufacturers should include a responsive website that is well-designed, mobile friendly, and optimized for search engine rankings. Our industry-leading experts at The Get Smart Group create stunning websites that display products and information in their best light.

A quality website is sometimes overlooked by manufacturers who rely on partners and other sales channels to market and distribute their products. However, having an optimized website can often be the driving force behind digital marketing campaigns that work for both your business and partners who offer the products you manufacture. It’s the perfect way to set the stage for successful copy, product photos and descriptions, and information about your business. Dealers can glean from the wealth on your website for their own marketing efforts — bringing consistency and correctness in how your products are marketed by others. Are you curious about other amazing manufacturers we have designed websites for? Send us an email at for examples of transformational websites we have created for manufacturers across different industries and trades.

In addition to a gorgeous website, manufacturers should also consider digital solutions that will give customers and potential buyers a better view of your products. Did you know that we offer visualization solutions such as augmented reality to help you build your business? Allow both dealers and customers to interact with your products in a virtual way. Whether you manufacture pools, spas, roofing products, solar solutions, outdoor furniture, accessories, home courts, or any other product, an AR digital experience can show customers how your offerings will look and function in their space. It’s also a great way for salespeople to give a more comprehensive digital presentation to potential customers in real time. And that can mean higher sales and more money in the bank.

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Target those looking for your manufacturing business’ keywords through SEO.

Specialize in Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In digital marketing, SEO is essential for manufacturers to reach the front page of search engine results when customers are looking for your products or services. This can be accomplished through keyword research and optimizing webpages and blogs for those targeted keywords. You should also use SEO to ensure that the digital content you create is seen and shared by your digital audience. This can be achieved through properly tagging digital assets, creating backlinks to relevant websites and blogs, utilizing targeted keywords within digital content, and sharing on social media.

Furthermore, digital marketing allows manufacturers to use customer search data to gain insight into consumer purchasing habits and preferences. This can be used to create more personalized digital campaigns and keyword targeting that resonates with your customers.

Digital marketing has become essential for any business in today’s world. However, manufacturers must be aware of the unique digital marketing practices that are required for your specific industry. SEO is a major player in effective digital marketing for both B2B and B2C purposes, and The Get Smart Group specialists know just how to use this to your advantage.

Capitalize on Search Behavior Advertising

Manufacturers should also consider ad budgets for Google, Facebook and/or YouTube ads. These targeted ads are effective in reaching audiences quickly who are already searching for similar products, while providing detailed analytics that can help you optimize future campaigns.

Over and over again, your marketing can appear in front of the right people at the right time. Whether it’s a quick Facebook check at lunch, a Google ad based on an internet search, or a YouTube ad while streaming a show or some videos, you can gain exposure in ways you haven’t been able to before. Having access to these incredible digital marketing tools can keep your business’ digital presence alive and well and your products continually in front of potential customers.

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We provide social media content for manufacturers.

Social Media for Manufacturers

Considering the current digital landscape, social media has become one of the most influential ways in which manufacturers can effectively reach online dealers and customers. Having an active social media presence on multiple digital platforms is a great way for you to interact with consumers and provide ideas and insights into your products, services, and promotions.

From Facebook to Instagram and LinkedIn, digital platforms like these can be used to create content that drives digital conversations around your products or services. Utilizing social media gives manufacturers the unique opportunity to interact with customers directly and build relationships with them. You can also provide product education, answer consumer questions, and even send referrals to dealers or sales teams if the point of sale is through a local distributor close to the potential customer. Building a comprehensive way to increase partner sales is not only good for your business, it’s also good for gaining more dealer sign-ons when companies see how fantastic your manufacturing business is to work with.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Manufacturers

In digital marketing, having customer relationship management is essential for manufacturers to keep in contact with both potential customers and prospective partners. And with differing CRM marketing strategies and campaigns for each group, you can achieve success through multiple avenues.

Say, for example, that you are a manufacturer with a strong, well-known brand name. You don’t sell directly to customers, but everyone who is anyone knows who you are. They want your products. However, they may not know how to purchase what you offer. Set up a CRM campaign to lead prospective buyers right to the partners who offer your products. It will mean success for the person searching for your products, more sales for your dealer partners, and in turn, brand loyalty and increased profit for you.

A successful digital CRM provides automated communication with whomever your target audience is for that specific campaign. This can include email campaigns, digital content sharing, sales tracking activities and more.

Having an effective digital CRM in place allows manufacturers to quickly interact with customers and maintain a digital presence that is tailored to their individual needs.

Discover the Premier Digital Marketing Firm for Manufacturers

Digital marketing can be an invaluable tool for manufacturers. It allows you to engage with customers on a deeper level, build relationships, and ultimately increase sales. But you need a trusted partner to help you achieve your goals.

Our team will help you make the most out of your digital marketing efforts. When you schedule your free 30-minute consultation, you can explore all of the different ways that digital marketing can impact your manufacturing business. We would love to chat with you and hear about your needs.

We do digital marketing all day, every day. Leverage all of the best parts of digital platforms with The Get Smart Group. Let us help you create an effective digital marketing strategy to reach and engage with the right audiences while driving more sales and profits. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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