Kristan Hart

Chief Operating Officer


Hello, I am Kristan Hart

As a little girl, I would sit down to dinner in the back of my family’s small business and watch the news while we ate. I would hear stories told by the newscasters, then I would grab my microphone (ahem, wooden spoon) and pretend to be the reporter on the scene. I’ve always been a storyteller with my eye set on working in television.

I took my first writing job as a TV News Producer when I was 20 years old and was Executive Producer at age 22. Telling stories on TV captured my attention until something better came along: my two precious baby boys. I transitioned from working in a TV studio to building my own freelance writing business from home. That’s how I found The Get Smart Group. I started my career here writing four blogs per month, then eight, then 16, then 40. It wasn’t long before I became a part-time (and then full-time) member of the team week with job responsibilities that extended beyond writing. I’ve worked almost every position at this company (we are admittedly more sophisticated now… there’s no way I can do what this amazing team can do).

When I quit working in television to be home with my kids, I never dreamed that would be the catalyst to become the Chief Operating Officer for a full-service marketing agency, and that I would get to do it from home. I still pinch myself because it seems unreal. I joke that my story here at The Get Smart Group would make a pretty good Lifetime movie someday, hehe.

I have such deep respect for business owners. I remember my parents working nights, weekends, and even holidays to make sure their small business was a success. With support from The Get Smart Group, my hope is that you can spend fewer nights and weekends in the office and more time with family… maybe even listening to that little girl with the (wooden spoon) microphone.

Kristan Hart 

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