Does Facebook Engagement Matter?

Does Facebook Engagement Matter?

If you ask Facebook — which I did cuz I’m thorough like that — they’ll tell you that engagement is “designed to get more people to see and engage with your Facebook post or page.” But why? What’s the point and does Facebook engagement really matter to small businesses? 

It does! No slight to Facebook, but their answer kind of makes it sound like engagement would be something that only mattered to influencers: people concerned with getting more “likes” for the sake of “likes.” Let me tell you the real reasons it matters to hot tub dealers, pool builders, and other small businesses.

3 Ways Facebook Engagement Matters:

  • Reaching more people who could be interested in your business. 
  • Building your reputation (aka brand recognition) with your hopefully-soon-to-be customers
  • Staying connected with your current customers

Reaching More People and Building Your Reputation

First, let’s think about the type of people you’re trying to reach on Facebook. If you think of where they fall on the marketing funnel, most of the people who follow your page (other than your current customers) are in the Interest/Desire stage.

They’re not quite ready to buy. So your Facebook strategy is about sparking their interest, giving them inspiration for their future purchase, making them dream a little … you get the idea.

But, as you’ve probably noticed on your own Facebook feed, not everyone who follows your page will see your posts. That’s where engagement comes in. 

Facebook engagement gives you greater “reach.” And greater reach means more people are seeing your posts and your ads. When we take on new clients here at The Get Smart Group, they come on with all types of Facebook audiences and reach. Some of our clients have thousands of followers and a large reach. Others have … well, almost zip. It’s a-okay either way. Wherever you start, our goal is to increase your reach, thereby building your brand recognition and keeping you on the radar of your current and future customers. 

This example from one of our newer clients where we’re just beginning to build engagement tells the story perfectly:

When they have zero engagement, about 45-60 people see their post. When just one or two people engage with the post, their reach doubles or triples. 

The key here is that this is organic reach. Meaning, you don’t have to pay for it! As your engagement and reach grows, more people will see you and over time you’ll build recognition and trust with them. Then, when they’re finally ready to build their pool or buy a hot tub, you’ve already got one leg in the door. 

Connecting With Current Customers

You worked hard to earn your customers; you don’t want to completely lose touch with them! For most businesses, we recommend keeping some of your social posts focused on your existing/previous customers. If you’re a pool builder, you could drop reminders that it’s time to schedule your pool closing; give tips about water care and pool maintenance; and showcase some of the products you have for pool owners, like chemicals and pool toys. 

Think of it this way, your customers will need things after the initial sale, and you want your business to be the first one they think of. Plus, it’s an easy way for you to serve them with tips and advice to help them take the best care of their product. 

Your Takeaway

Now that you’re convinced that Facebook engagement actually serves a real life purpose that benefits your business, you’re probably wondering what steps to take

  1. Engage with your business and encourage others to do the same. You saw the power that just one single person engaging with a post can make. So, every day while you’re scrolling on your personal Facebook account, go ahead and like the posts on your business page. Share some posts on your personal page. And encourage your friends, family, and employees to do the same. (Nope, this is not cheating the system!)
  2. Post regularly and often. Helpful tip: You don’t have to do this yourself. When you hire The Get Smart Group, you get your own word nerds content team who create awesome social posts and keep your newsfeed current. 

You’re busy! This is one hat you can take off. We kinda live for this stuff. If you want someone handling your Facebook account who’s regularly checking in on your engagement and strategizing ways to increase your reach, that’s us. Schedule a free consultation with us to learn more. 

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