How a blog helps your business


As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard that a blog on your website would be good for your business. 

But why? Today we’ll go over why frequent posts will help your business.

Build Brand Awareness

Want to build your own brand awareness, as well as the brands you sell? A blog is a great way to build brand awareness with your audience. Use one to go into further detail about your products beyond a short product description. Be creative; show how your products can benefit customers’ lives and how it operates in the real world. Reading about your products on your blog will help customers visualize using them. This will develop a desire for that particular brand.

Connect with your leads and customers

Share how your products benefit people’s lives. Educate leads and customers on how to get the most knowledge about your product. You can even write a funny post that is sure to make readers laugh, and market your products at the same time.

Not only can a blog bring you some great leads, but you can also build a repertoire with your current customer base.

Boost your Business’s SEO

Do you want to be found on Google and other search engines, outside of paid ads? Your business blog can do that! How? In a couple of ways:

  • Keywords – Adding a blog to your business’s website – and updating it regularly – gives you an opportunity to boost the various keywords needed to help the top-of-funnel leads find your business in a search engine, like Google. By writing blog posts that utilize your keywords, like products you sell plus your store’s location, you are giving your business a better chance to be found in a potential customer’s online search. If your business’s blog is toward the top of their search list and they click on it, it’ll take them to your website. If your content interests them and they find answers to their product questions, they’ll more than likely want to buy from you. 


  • Alternate text – Blog posts with nice images give you another SEO advantage: alternate text (Alt text). It’s a text description that you can add to an image’s HTML tag on a web page – like your business’s blog. Alt text is different from keywords, though. It’s not an opportunity for you to use every keyword your product needs; it’s very strictly a description. You can use some of your keywords, sure, but be sure you are using them to describe the image properly. For example, if you sell hot tubs, you would write a blog post on how hot tubs can give you a romantic date-night at home. A good alt text description for the image is: “A man and woman have a romantic evening soak in a Hot Spring hot tub under tea lights.” When customers do search on their ideal products, it could lead them to your blog, which will lead them to your website and, eventually, right into your store.

blog on products

Even on a local scale, blogs can help put your business on the search engine map with keywords and Alt text.

Add a blog to your business website today!

Adding a blog to your business’s website is easier than you think. With The Get Smart Group, we have a team of creative website developers and blog writers who can write and publish your blog with all the bells and whistles. Contact us today to learn more.

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