Backyard Recreation

Looking to bring the heat in your local hot tub market?

We don’t just market. We sell this stuff. Our team is made up of industry professionals who have experience selling, researching, marketing and writing about backyard industry and home improvement products  – all with the goal of attracting more customers for our Pool, Spa and Backyard Recreation clients nationwide. 

We do more. As marketing and sales professionals, we share a natural curiosity about the businesses of our clients, the products they sell and their unique sales processes. We make it a habit to go above and beyond the basic level of knowledge, whether it’s on water care products, pool and spa services, pool safety cover styles, outdoor furniture’s most saleable features, propane or wood fire pits, outdoor kitchens and barbecues, gazebos or the landscaping and hardscaping services you offer.

Whether you do sales only, complete installation, pools only, or pools, spas, and a complete line of outdoor entertainment merchandise, we know how much time it takes to do these things well. So, it’s only natural that we would dedicate the time and energy required to learn about these products and services and represent them properly on your behalf.  What other marketing agency dedicates that level of attention to detail and customer service to your brands and practices?

We understand that pool, spa and backyard recreation customers represent a lifetime of ongoing purchases and an invaluable ongoing revenue stream for your company annually. Many of our customers are hoping to create a strategy for capitalizing on the potential revenue of their existing customer base but don’t know where to start. A pool or spa customer should be a lifetime annuity for your business. If you are not following up with your ancillary product category leads, or promoting other products and services to your pool and spa customers – you may be missing out big time. How can we help you close the gap this year? 

We write customer-oriented, thoughtful and educational campaigns that will help you transform 25% more of your leads into customers in each product category. Annually. We have written more than 100, custom-branded, year-long email drip campaigns for our clients and the products they sell in their stores. These year-long follow-up campaigns are for leads who respond to ads or request information. We write, edit, create custom imagery and implement these campaigns for you in an automated email program where you can capture and manage ALL your leads for ALL your product categories and brands. Then we’ll show your team how to manage your follow-up for higher sales returns. We’ll write the email follow-ups for your customers and help you sell more services and ancillary products to them too while keeping them happy and getting referrals. 
Yes, we can help you get more referrals and satisfied customer reviews on social media. Want to prevent negative reviews, mitigate negative comments, trolling or reviews from the past, and get more quality leads online? We can help you with this, starting as low as $495 a month. Call us.

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