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Hello, I am Rebecca Fischer

I’m a young writer/cat lady who lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Along with writing, I have some experience in graphic design and social media management. I grew up on a cattle ranch, and I am very, very passionate about books. I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades, so I have a variety of skills to bring to the marketing table.

Before turning to writing, I was an amateur cartoonist as a child and thought about becoming one as an adult. I came up with several comic series growing up, and all of them were “copycats” of other cartoons and comics I liked and, oddly enough, almost always featured cats. There was “Cat Savers” which was a very cheap knock-off of Sailor Moon and focus on my and my friends (as well as our trusty cat companions) saving my hometown of Mokelumne Hill. A popular series I drew in the sixth grade was “Cool Jack” which was inspired by Garfield, but soon the story developed to focus on Jack, his kitty wife and kittens, his elderly owner, and her spunky granddaughter. Neither series were ever published, and original work has probably been lost.

I could never wrap my head around the idea of art school, though, and I didn’t exactly dream of becoming a rancher, either. No disrespect for ranchers or anything; I’m just not a very good cowgirl. So, I began to dabble in writing in high school. I thought, “I like to read books. Writing should be super easy for me.” It wasn’t. Writing was much harder than reading and even drawing, and it took me many years of practice and patience to better my writing skills. My ranching background taught me to overcome challenges and never shy away from hard work, so with time, my writing skills improved. After taking a break from my first attempt at college, I decided to study creative writing. I have a BA in Creative Writing, with a focus in nonfiction. I love all stories, but my favorites are the ones that are true. I always quip, “Cows paid for my college education.” All joking aside, it’s the truth.

These days, if I’m not writing or blogging or even doing a bit of graphic design (those drawing skills came in handy, after all), I can either be found snuggling with my two kitties at home or helping on the family ranch. I am not married with children, but my nieces and nephew claim that I am their favorite aunt. My Viking boyfriend is rather fond of me, and my cats like me, too.

Rebecca Fischer