What is a Branding Kit?

What is a Branding Kit?
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There comes a time when every business grows past its start-up phase and requires some real business tools to help grow its business. A branding kit is one of those tools. A good kit can help increase your customer base, grow your internal team, and assist with nearly every area of showcasing your company. You’ve probably heard the term “Brand Kit” thrown around loosely in relation to a collection of logos and colors, but what’s also important to include is the meaning behind your selections. If your business has a story, your branding kit should help tell it. These additional elements help anyone wanting to understand your company’s message and vision do so quickly and easily. 

How a Branding Kit Helps Your Business

Maybe you’re a pool and spa store looking to expand your offerings. A well-developed branding kit makes advertising a breeze. Having that foundation package of image styles, logos, colors, and insight makes creating an advertisement a pretty fluid process. Whether you’re hiring a company who manages your marketing presence, like The Get Smart Group, or doing it yourself, a brand kit is a resource you can’t afford to have missing. 

What’s Included in a Branding Kit

Branding Kits can include logos, colors, fonts, branded images, and more. It should include explanations and examples of the uses for selected items within your kit. We’ve seen kits as small as 1 page and as large as 64 pages. Brand kits can turn into Branding Guides which turn into buy-in from your valued employees as they talk about and recruit new employees for your company. It’s a great tool for recruitment but that’s for another blog on another day. Anyone should be able to review your branding kit and understand your visual identity and your mission as a company. If your team has been struggling to develop your marketing presence in a consistent way then a branding kit is what you will need to gain that great marketing presence and keep it.

As a graphic designer, I’ve helped many companies over the years identify and develop their voice and identity as a business. As an owner you have a vision for your company, as a designer, I bring that vision to life. The Get Smart Group offers a variety of packages to help grow your business past the toddler stage and into the leader of the pack you know you can be.

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