2 Reasons You Need an Ecommerce Site Before 2022

2 Reasons You Need an Ecommerce Site Before 2022

While your pool and spa business is in the off season, it’s a great time to prepare for the coming summer. One of your plans most definitely should be an ecommerce website. According to the US Department of Commerce, online shopping exploded by 30% during the pandemic. And as those worries slowly subside, shoppers aren’t going back. Whether it’s the convenience of shopping from home, the safety element, or just that there’s such a better selection of products and prices online—if you’re going to compete in 2022, you need an ecommerce site.

In-Store Shopping is So 2019

While everyone else was struggling to find ways to keep their businesses thriving by transitioning to curbside pickup and online ordering, you were busy building pools and installing hot tubs so people stuck at home could have something to do.

One of the biggest reasons you need an ecommerce site before 2022 is that it’s pretty much just expected now. I went to order a pizza the other day and was annoyed that I had to call in my order because their online ordering was down for maintenance. It’s not that they didn’t offer it; it’s just down for maintenance, and I was still annoyed. But it was the only pizza place on my way home, so I called in my order anyway.

Without an ecommerce website in this day and age, you could risk losing customers to other businesses that offer it. We’re not saying to sell your pools online. But you should offer that option for chemicals and other supplies. Even hot tub sales are moving more in an online direction.

Some People are More Comfortable Online Shopping

Whether it’s due to pandemic concerns, mask requirements, immunization concerns, or simply the convenience, many people have simply become more used to online shopping. In fact, the entire trend is away from interpersonal interactions, as many people prefer a strong digital experience. 

It doesn’t matter to them if you have better reviews than your competitor. Your competitor allows them to order chemicals and supplies online in their ecommerce site. Many shoppers take those options into account when deciding which dealer to get their pool and/or spa from. They’ll opt for an online experience versus an in-person one whether it’s ordering DoorDash® or buying pool and spa chemicals.

You Need an Ecommerce Site

Times are changing. Social interaction is moving to the sidelines, both for health reasons and personal preferences of the new generations. And with these changing times, you need an ecommerce site to keep up. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with The Get Smart Group to learn how we can help you.

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