How to NAIL Your First Facebook Live

facebook live

Videos are one of the most effective marketing tools. In fact, according to Forbes, online customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product if they’ve watched a video about it. Most of you are probably already taking advantage of this statistic by including videos about your products and services in your social media feed. […]

Having A Lifetime Plan for Every Customer

If you’ve been following us long, you’ve learned about the importance of online marketing, and SEO, and reputation management, among other things. With a list of things to learn, we can understand why a business owner might sometimes wish for the simpler sales structure of bygone days. BUT, hold the phone. You, my friend, have […]

What is Actionable Reporting?

actionable reporting

Even if you’re a brick and mortar store, you’ve no doubt accepted the importance of your online reputation and online marketing. Chances are, most of your marketing budget is dedicated to online resources. But the next step is vital … you need to know which marketing streams are working!  AdWords and Facebook. Page clicks from […]

Know Your Pool Lead Costs

pool lead

Know Your Pool Lead Costs How much did I pay per pool lead this spring and fall? Where are most of my leads coming from: Google? Facebook? Walk-ins? TV ads? Is my ad money performing well on social media, or would that money be better spent somewhere else?  What marketing companies usually offer in terms […]

Get Smart Foundation Package

get smart foundation package

Decades ago, it was rare that a happy customer would take the time to give you positive feedback. During that time, an upset customer would tell others about their negative experience, but generally just about 10 people. My, how the times have changed! We shop differently today. Now, consumers by and large depend on online […]

8 Practices of Leaders Who Delegate Successfully (HBR)

This is a snippet from an insightful article that appears on Harvard Business Review A 2015 Gallup study of the entrepreneurial talents of 143 CEOs on the Inc. 500 list showed that companies run by executives who effectively delegate authority grow faster, generate more revenue, and create more jobs. According to John C. Maxwell, author of Developing the […]

The Happily Ever After of SEO

Once upon a time, good SEO meant jam-packing your content with keywords. Then, a pair of dragons named Penguin and Panda came along, slaying all the spammy keyword-stuffed content and sparking an internet revolution. Today, Google algorithms are tight, and your SEO strategy is either smart or it’s ranked Search Page 3, which is to […]

Stop trying to do it all yourself – you’re screwing it up!

Sure, as a business owner you want to save money wherever you can – that’s reasonable. Sure – you got here because you’re smart, resourceful and clever and good at solving problems – so why shouldn’t you be able to save a few bucks by doing your own marketing? Here’s the issue – you already […]

Start Building Company Culture Today

If you don’t have the time to commit to organizing your company culture, and you don’t have the discipline to see it through personally or instill it in your team – a difficult organizational disrupt could be in your immediate future. Here are some clear starting points to build a meaningful and lasting culture that […]

Using YouTube in Your Marketing Strategy

Use YouTube

If you haven’t yet incorporated YouTube into your marketing strategy, you should. The statistics are simply mind-numbing:  YouTube reaches more adults with buying power during prime time than cable advertising.  Over 90% of all adults report watching YouTube videos. 75% of adults watch on their mobile devices, and the average viewing session is 1 hour.  […]