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People say, “The money is in the list,” and they’re right. However, most business owners only consider their email list. As the popularity of Google and Facebook has increased, there are now two more lead lists you need to be aware of: Facebook remarketing and Google remarketing.


The Science Behind Marketing Lead Lists

When someone comes into your store, you somehow paid for that person to come into your business. Whether it was a paid ad, years of reputable business, or a word of mouth referral… it cost you money to get that person through your doors. Now that they’re here, you need to collect an email address. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or to fill out a form on your website, but you want that email address. Why? It’s a zero cost (or at least a very low cost) way to communicate with them in the future! Once you have an email address, you can market to that person over and over again for pennies. It’s a potential gold mine for business owners.

How do Google and Facebook Fit?

Email lead lists allow you to promote yourself to someone who’s walked through your door, but Google and Facebook remarketing lists allow you to market your business to people who’ve been to your website. That makes your website the equivalent of your storefront, if you want to look at it that way. Here’s how it works. If you have the right codes in place, someone who visits your website will be tagged. That tag allows you to show your ads to those website visitors even when they’re on other websites. Facebook and Google ads will be targeted to those people as well. Those ads are significantly less expensive than cold traffic ads (like billboards, TV commercials and online ads that don’t target people who are already interested in your business). You’ll see a much greater ROI when you advertise to your Google and Facebook lists as well.

Get Started Today

Building your Google and Facebook remarketing lead lists is important even if you don’t already have an online advertising strategy in place. Facebook and Google both have codes you can put on your website so you can start building these lists. The codes are free, so get started today.

The Get Smart Group has an entire team dedicated to online marketing. Do you have questions or would you like more info? We’d love to hear from you!

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