4 No-Nos in HVAC Marketing

4 No-Nos in HVAC Marketing

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Does everyone in your family wear the same size pants? We didn’t think so. It’s the same thing with marketing—what fits one type of business doesn’t necessarily fit another. So, when you’re looking into HVAC marketing, your strategy should be tailored to your business (those custom tailored pants always fit like a glove, don’t they?). To help you work out a marketing plan with the perfect fit, here are 4 no-nos in HVAC marketing.

HVAC Marketing No-No #1: Relying on Organic SEO

When you run a small business, money is important. You don’t have the same margins as the bigger businesses, and you can’t afford the same expenses as them. So, you may decide to rely on organic advertising. Instead of paying for ads on Google or Facebook, you may just rely on word of mouth or people sharing your Facebook posts.

While this is cost-effective, it’s not an effective form of advertisement. When you advertise organically, your audience is people who already use your services. And when you’re in the HVAC business, you rely on new clients. New clients mean you need your ads to reach a larger audience, which means you need to pay for some of your advertising.

HVAC Marketing No-No #2: Neglecting Your Marketing Strategy

Small business owners wear a lot of hats. If you’re trying to save money, one of these may be your HVAC marketing. You may think you can run all of the social channels, email your clients, update your website, and everything else marketing entails by yourself.

But then you find yourself focusing on your other hats and neglecting your marketing strategy. This is something you can’t do. In any type of marketing, including HVAC marketing, you have to stick to your strategy. If you go dormant, potential clients may not even know you’re still there. They see an inactive Facebook page and think you went out of business. Marketing just isn’t another hat you can wear if you’re going to neglect it.

HVAC Marketing No-No #3: Not Knowing Your Audience

You are not your audience. Your marketing shouldn’t be written like you’re talking to someone else in the HVAC industry; it should be written towards someone who needs your services. That being said, your marketing shouldn’t be 100% sales-y, either. You don’t like to see marketing all the time that pressures you to buy something, and neither does your audience. 

Instead, learn more about your audience and what they need. Cater your marketing to them. Make your marketing more informational, not sales-y. Show them you know what you’re doing, don’t straight up tell them you know what you’re doing.

HVAC Marketing No-No #4: Doing HVAC Marketing Yourself

You may feel like you’re not wearing too many hats and can still do your HVAC marketing yourself. As long as you’re not neglecting it, you’re okay, right? You really need to save money so your business can make a profit.

What if we told you you could hire a whole marketing team for the cost of one employee? With The Get Smart Group, you can. Our monthly marketing management plan gets you the expertise of 9 full-time employees for the price of one. Don’t do your HVAC marketing yourself. Call the marketing experts, and we’ll call you when we need help with our HVAC system.

Ready to get started? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today, and never do these 4 no-nos in HVAC marketing again.

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