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We believe that the American Dream is still alive and well.

Brick and mortar small businesses are the backbone of our local economies in this country. They provide jobs for most of the local workforce, deliver unparalleled customer service, and are the primary distribution points for most goods manufactured in the USA.

Consumers would be limited to the scant selection of products in big box stores and online e-commerce retailers, denying them the ability to touch, feel, and test the products they buy.

Entrepreneurs help protect our freedom of choice as consumers – and help ensure the quality of products available to us. At The Get Smart Group, we are passionate about supporting locally run businesses nationwide, and helping them adapt their business and sales strategies to survive and thrive. We consult as partners with our clients in crafting strategy for business growth, marketing and sales to help our clients remain competitive and relevant in the digital age and facilitate positive digital transformation in their second and third generation companies.


We don’t just market pools, spas, solar services, backyard recreation and home improvement products. We actually sell this stuff.

We started out in print advertising sales, publishing, marketing, film editing (storytelling), and as experts in the psychology of decision making for the legal industry. We have added team members with art history degrees, experience in solar sales, photographers, full-time writers, skilled musicians, creative coders and comic strip creators. We have experience as live TV news editors, published authors, retail pool and spa store managers, and some of the top industry sales experience in the US. We create and innovate and we do more to go above and beyond our expected “jobs” than any other marketing agency servicing this industry. This is what brings us fulfillment individually and as a team. We are constantly challenged to learn and to create new solutions for new digital challenges that arise in our industry daily. We are consistently on the cutting edge of our practice and are adept at crafting custom solutions for our clients on a regular basis.


Values and integrity are the key to our successful customer service and team dynamic.

Our company culture is formed by our adherence to our organizational values. We hire according to each candidate’s fit to our team values and their performance in expressing these successfully each day through the quality of their work, customer service and their actions.

We believe in living our best lives and helping you live yours by helping you make your business practices more efficient and your marketing dollars work more effectively for you. We want you to have more time with your family and pursuing your passions. We would love to partner with you to help you craft your business growth and marketing strategy and see it through with you to this end.

Our marketing solutions are customized for each client.
What custom solutions can we create for you this season?

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We understand how tough it can be to wrap your head around digital marketing.  With all of the different services available, the variety of software… it is a lot to digest! Here at The Get Smart Group we are happy to provide free consultations to answer any marketing questions about your business.  Simply fill out the form below and we will be happy to get something scheduled.