Best SEO Practices for Pool and Spa Dealers

Best SEO Practices for Pool and Spa Dealers

Hit top pool and spa search results with these optimization strategies

There are multiple ways to be seen out in the metaverse. The most successful search engine optimization for pool and spa dealers is not limited to one platform or one strategy. By implementing multiple (or all) of these points of contact with customers, your company is guaranteed to see bigger and better search results. 

Get Informative

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… and again… and again: You must have an active blog on your website and you must provide informative posts. This is where you harness the power of inquiry – by providing answers to questions asked by pool and spa customers. 

While the questions that are frequently asked are important to address, you’ll be one in hundreds of results if you don’t bring something unique and worthwhile to the table. So dig a little deeper. What are the questions patrons to your spa dealership and customers of your pool company are asking that might be less obvious? “How to care for pool water” is going to be a popular Google search entry with hundreds of results. However, “Why are there crystals on my pool liner?” is much more specific and, if you’re answering that question on your blog, you’re more likely to wind up in first page search results. 

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for stand-out blog posts, that’s actually an area that The Get Smart Group specializes in. We have a team of content experts and access to a myriad of databases that help us hone in on the topics real customers need answers to from reliable pool and spa companies like yours. 

Fish for Compliments

First, you need a Google Business page (we can help you set that up too if you need it). And once you have that established, you need reviews! Think about it: when someone searches “pool builders Colorado Springs,” Google will pop up with a map pinging all the builders in the area. Potential customers start clicking on each ping, which pulls up all the information Google has on that business, including reviews. Which is the customer going to pick: the company with just a website, address and phone number, or the company with images and 30 positive reviews? That’s obviously a rhetorical question. (The same goes for Facebook business pages, by the way.)

Getting reviews for your business isn’t as daunting as you might think it is. An email drip campaign will ask current customers to submit a review upon spa delivery, completion of a gorgeous pool build, or after weekly pool maintenance. (Guess what: The Get Smart Group has a rockin’ system for drip campaigns too.) When you can’t get many customers to comply with your request, incentivize them for reviews with coupons, discounts and even gifts (like a spa care pack). If there is something in it for them, customers will often take a few minutes to toot your business’ horn.

Be Present

It’s no longer enough to have a Facebook business page where you rarely post, and when you do, it’s stock images from the manufacturers you sell with a canned caption. 

You’ve got to have a business profile for your pool and spa dealership on Facebook and Instagram. And even posting content on a regular basis isn’t enough; you also have to be engaging. Canned captions and stock images tell potential customers nothing about your specific business. Why do they want to come to you? How does your business stand out not just against competitors offering alternative brands, but competitors within your area offering the same brands as you do? 

Post regularly, consistently and authentically. Show images of your showroom. Better yet, show images of your customers standing in front of the hot tub they just purchased from your showroom and use a quote from them as a caption on the post. Showcase your spa dealership’s deliveries (especially the tough ones) and how proud you are of your team. 

Post before, during, and after images of a pool build your company completed. If you offer pool service, post images of your techs doing a great job, and the before/after of the grimy and then sparkling pool water. On summer days, ask followers to post images of their family in the pool you built and tag your company (tags bump that SEO too!). 

Giving  potential and current customers a reason to engage with you on social media and Google will boost your social profile in local search results, sometimes even over your website. The same will happen in searches directly on those social media platforms – the more engagement you have on your social profile, the closer to the top it will be when homeowners search ‘spa dealer’ in their city.

Embrace Trends

Videos – specifically reels – are all the rage right now, and if you’re not hip to that jive, you’re missing an opportunity for search engine optimization. Set up a TikTok profile for your business and work toward posting a 10 to 60 second reel four to six days a week. Post a similar reel on your Instagram account and also share that to Facebook – saturation is key! 

It can be something as simple as a pool service tech scrubbing a pool, or a boomerang of customers at your spa dealership gleeful about their new hot tub. You can also be informative through reels. Use this as a way to give potential customers advice on hot tub purchases, pool maintenance and more. 

Yes, with reels you will likely reach an audience that is broader than the service area for your pool and spa company, but that can work in your favor. The more likes, comments and shares your reels receive, the bigger your following will become. The bigger the following, the better you fare in search results. Seeing a pattern here?

Pound Out Keywords and Hashtags

Keyword phrases remain one of the most vital parts of search engine optimization (there are a ton of them in this post, actually – we’re just really smooth about it, as you should be). Especially when it comes to your website, keywords need to be integrated into each page and each post. The idea is to get people looking for information on Google to find you, and keywords are the way to do that. 

Even Google and YouTube offer hashtag searches now. When it comes to social media, hashtags really are exceptionally important, especially on Instagram and TikTok (they’re not as popular on Facebook as far as searches go, but still functional all the same). The general recommendation is to have three to five subject-oriented hashtags (#spadealer #poolbuilder), one to two location hashtags (#dallas #saltlakecity), and a branded hashtag.

The branded hashtag offers a way to be niche about your audience. Because it’s unique to your company, posts specific to your company are easier to find. Let’s say that your company’s name is Aqua Paradise Pool & Spa. Your branded hashtag could be #aquaparadisepoolspa. This should be on all of your posts and the posts by your customers (be sure to tell them!). Then, when one of your posts pops up in a search, the viewer can tap that unique hashtag and see every post that has it in the caption no matter who it was posted by. It’s like trademarking your brand on social media and making your company stand out. 

Meta’s Business Suite on Facebook (which also connects to the Instagram account for your pool and spa dealership) now has a cool hashtag search feature when you’re scheduling posts on the Planner. You can look up a keyword and get multiple suggestions for hashtags and information on how many other posts on Facebook and Instagram use that hashtag, as well as variations of that phrase and their use stats. You can even create saved hashtag groups for repeated use over several scheduled posts (such as #pooldealer #poolbuilder #poolservice #spadealer #hottubdealer). Pick hashtags that are used the most frequently, because those are the ones people are searching with too. 

Ask for Help

We’ve mentioned it already, but want to reiterate that The Get Smart Group is well-versed in all of these SEO strategies. We recognize that pool and spa dealers may not have the time or staff required to keep up with all of this, and that’s why we’re here. We offer quality-crafted social media strategies, blog posts, website content, keyword/hashtag research, email drip campaigns, and more. We can even help you develop a systematic process for creating and posting reels on a regular basis. Reach out – we’ll gladly optimize the heck out of your online presence.

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