What This Election Cycle Teaches Us About Digital Marketing

2020 election cycle influences digital marketing

Regardless of which side of the political aisle you sit on, this election cycle has been like no other. Actually, this year has been like no other! A Facebook post as innocent-seeming as “I got a new mask with my favorite TV show character on it” can spark endless heated arguments. Sigh – such is life in 2020.

But, as marketers, we’re always looking for every opportunity to learn how to reach people, influence people, and promote our clients. It’s baked into our DNA. So, we couldn’t help but take some valuable pool and spa marketing lessons away from the debate, election campaigns, and all things 2020. Here’s what we learned.

Everybody Has a Unique Perspective

Not to initiate sighs of “duh” but not everyone sees everything the same way. Sometimes, when we’re drafting ads, we think a certain offer or campaign expresses our point perfectly! But then, it doesn’t. Because not everyone sees a value proposition the same way. What appeals to this demographic doesn’t look attractive at all to another. Some of our clients do really well with offers for free guides and educational materials about their pools and spas, while others have to make clear and compelling money-off offers to generate leads and achieve success.

This means that every pool and spa marketing plan needs to include a variety of offers. This is very similar to the Marketing Funnel, where you’re reaching leads at every point of the buying process. It involves changing up your messaging, so that what didn’t work one place might work another.

Images are a great way to build variety into your ads. For example, some ads picturing a family enjoying a hot tub might appeal to a certain subset of buyers, but not all buyers. Swap it up with images of a single soaker or a couple enjoying a hot tub soak on date night. Then, you can reach a variety of demographics, even if the offer is still “10% off Hot Tubs.”

We All Want the Same Things; We Just Think Differently About Those Things

I believe in my heart that everyone on both sides has the very best of intentions. We all want peace, prosperity, and coffee. Wait, maybe that’s just me. But they probably do want all the good stuff life has to offer – they just have radically differing opinions about how to get there. What does that mean for the pool and spa marketer?

Not everyone sees value the same way. Some people are willing to pay top dollar if you slap “quality” or “luxury” in there somewhere. Others want a rock-bottom price, no matter what features or craftsmanship they have to sacrifice. Are you offering ads that reach both groups? As well as those “moderates” in between, who want some quality but don’t want to pay exorbitant prices?

Swap up how you market your products. Some offers can focus on high quality, while others hone in on great prices, stellar features, and other selling points. Today’s marketing is heavily focused on advertising how people benefit from products, as opposed to just advertising what products you have to offer. Help potential buyers visualize themselves using your products. It’s the difference in:

– Save 25% on patio furniture!


– Reimagine your backyard with 25% off new furniture!

Tiptoe Through the Tulips Vs. Deliberately Stirring the Pot

When it comes to marketing your pools, spas, and other wares, there are two schools of thought:

  1. Avoid anything that could potentially in any way be controversial.
  2. Kick that pot over and dance on top of it.

Honestly, in the right market, with the right brand personality, you can rock it out with either strategy. Just be aware, if you choose option 2, you’ll turn off some folks who disagree with you. But brands who do this successfully tend to build incredibly strong brand images with loyal customers who wouldn’t dream of buying from a competitor.

For the less controversy-inclined, definitely do have a strong quality control process so that you can sidestep any potential disasters.

People Need a Break; Your Products Provide That

What we’re seeing in our pool and spa marketing is that people just need a break. Right, Left, Moderate, Independent, Undecided… We’re all tired. The most wonderful part of pool and spa marketing is that you have products people desperately need right now. Perhaps you’re considered a “luxury” market most of the time, but in an era of lockdowns, quarantines, and chaos everywhere, your products are essential for safe, fun, relaxing time to sincerely “get away from it all.”


Learn to develop marketing that helps your customers connect with that relaxing vibe you’ve got going on. From your social media posts to your blogs and ads, give people what they really want – a way to get away. Need help? Give The Get Smart Group a call. That’s what we do!

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