Essential Foundations of Digital Marketing


Any business owner knows, it’s a digital world out there. Gone are the days of posting flyers around town or simply placing an ad in your local paper to drum up a little business. To succeed, you need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help you stay top-of-mind with your customers.

But, digital marketing is … complicated. Multilayered. And doing it right means focusing on all five key foundational pillars to give your business a truly holistic digital marketing approach.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How do you research anything anymore? You use a search engine. From phone numbers and addresses for businesses, to questions about history, recipes, shopping and more, search engines have become central to our lives.

Search engines use complicated, proprietary algorithms to determine search results, but there are some things we know always help improve search engine rankings. Key among these is good, updated content. For example, consider adding a blog to your site and updating it regularly to help increase your SEO.

Mobile Marketing

Have you ever left your mobile phone at home by mistake? It kind of feels like you’ve misplaced a part of yourself. People almost ALWAYS have their phones – for business, for social networking, for gaming – and marketing has quickly adapted. Your digital marketing must include a mobile ad strategy, and the website you point people to MUST be mobile-friendly.

Social Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Pinterest. LinkedIn. You’ve likely used at least one of these in your personal life. Your business may even have an account on one or more. But what’s your full-scale social marketing strategy?

Social is where your customers are spending a lot of their time. For that reason alone, it’s a place you need to be. Experiment with video, GIF, carousels, filters and other options to create shareable content that will spread your message.

Email Marketing

Social didn’t kill email. In fact, Experian reports that every dollar spent on an email marketing campaign returns $44.25. People use their email, typically checking it at least once a day, and will act on a well-targeted campaign.

Multimedia Search

Today’s web searches are smart. They return categorized results not just for web pages, but also for images, videos, shopping opportunities, etc. Build your website and categorize your assets correctly so that your business shows in as many appropriate categories as possible.

Of course, you can tackle some of this on your own. But it’s always best to work with a trusted digital marketing partner who has an eye for strategy and details – one who can combine these five fundamentals of digital marketing with a deep knowledge and understanding of your business to get the results you want for your business success. A partner like The Get Smart Group. Contact us today.

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