Eye Catcher | Social Media Photos That Don’t get Overlooked

Eye Catcher | Social Media Photos That Don’t get Overlooked

E y e  c a t c h e r

A picture is worth 1,000 words… or so they say. When it comes to marketing, the right picture can tell a strong story about your business. Problem is, many businesses use stock images for the visual elements in marketing campaigns and these often get overlooked. Taking your social media photos to the next level will help to engage the shares and retweets of this digital age.

Rule of thirdsPhoto Composition

A great camera doesn’t make you a great photographer. It truly is about an eye for technique, and the most skilled photographers have a keen since of composition – they can compose an image in such a way that it immediately evokes an emotional response.

However, if you can’t really afford to hire a pro to get the shot you want, or see a last minute opportunity with no time to call someone, there are a few techniques that can help you produce a better image for Facebook and Pinterest. As a part-time professional photographer myself, I believe I can contribute some insights that may be of some benefit to you:

  1. Utilize the Rule of Thirds – Position the subject of your image in a way that mimics how we naturally look at the world.
  2. Keep the Image Simple – Your brain automatically focuses on a subject above all others in a scene, but the camera doesn’t have this feature without your assistance. Remove distracting elements and bring focus to your main subject, rather than trying to cram everything in the shot.
  3. Lead the Eye – A busy, poorly composed shot makes it difficult for a viewer to find a focal point. Use lines, such as a fence or road, to guide where you want the focal point to be.
  4. Notice Details – Pay attention to what is in the background of your images and avoid distracting objects, such as trash cans.

No camera phonesThe Camera Does Matter

While composition is, indeed, you’re most critical element of a usable photo for social media marketing, the camera itself does play a major role in the quality of the image. With the exception of marketing through Instagram, avoid using a smartphone camera. Even using the latest and greatest smartphone available on the market, there is going to be a stark difference between the quality of images it produces and those produced by a professional grade piece of equipment.

Keep it Real

While well-composed, creative shots are great for social media marketing, so are images that convey real, every day practices in your business. Your Facebook followers want to know what you do. Instagram is all about capturing moments, rather than posed advertisements. Add a humanistic element to your business by sharing pictures that have strong composition and show your employees at work installing a hot tub or providing moving services.

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all strongly visual social mediums. It’s imperative that you approach the images you use with a process in mind – rather than simply snapping a picture – if you desire to engage your followers.

By: Michelle L. Cramer

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